Beat it.

Andy did, beat it this weekend. He went to New Hampshire with a friend to get the summer place ready for some actual summer as we will all be converging on their place this week for the 4th of July weekend. (Those of you who have your mind in the gutter may now take this time to realign their thoughts to the fact that MY “beat it” means that he left town.)

I remember when we were first married, weekends away from each other were just about torturous and long. I agonized about BEING AWAY!! Gasp. And now? 25 short years later? I look forward to these few and far between weekends like the magic that they are. Absense really does make the heart grow fonder. I am enjoying every minute of this weekend, watching movies that I want to watch, eating what I want to eat, throwing a bunch of clutter crap away while I have this chance (heh, I’m evil like that. Leave your stuff? It’s gone now. heh. )

Yeah, so I have a more grown up view of this “beat it” stuff. Love. It.

Dinner will be take out, most likely Thai. Around 7. And I will not have to share my Thai Rolls with anyone.

Don’t ask to have any.



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10 responses to “Beat it.

  1. meezermeowmy

    Hope you are refreshed by your unusual weekend.

    When I get in a throw-away mood, my motto is “if it isn’t moving, I can throw it.” (Safety valve for sleeping cats excepted. 🙂 )

  2. Just one Thai Roll? Please?

    Is it sad that I knew exactly where this post was going halfway through? And that I was nodding my head in agreement before I was two sentences into paragraph 2?

    PS Myron, Mitchell–our people are away this weekend too–party at our house, bring the nip and the fireworks. Simon and Jasper.

  3. Right now that sounds like a great weekend. I could only manage a few hours away.

  4. I know what you mean. I used to cry for hours when Dale would go away. Now? Buh bye. Except this weekend which is sort of turning into a bust and I’m feeling abandoned and lonely. Ick.

  5. I’m showing up for Thai takeout, and you’d better SHARE!!!!!!! Enjoy your quiet time. You know how I feel on this subject, heh-heh-heh!!!!

  6. Terri

    that’s exactly what’s going on around here, too. Bill’s away on business for a week and I’ve been loving the time alone (although I do have my two poopers to keep me company). There may have been some culling and donating of clothes, some throwing out of “stuff”. I think I shall get some Chinese takeout for supper tonight!

    Happy Sunday!

  7. I thought of Michael Jackson, actually. Shocked, aren’t you? :p

    Good for you! You can’t miss him if he never leaves.

  8. I’m already like that after 8 years! Hope you enjoyed that Thai. Yum!

  9. Barbara M.

    Exactly my sentiments! (Of course, we’ve been married 41 years this summer, so I’ve had even more time to get to this point.) I did shock a friend a few weeks ago by having to think hard when she asked where Glenn was….. California? Chicago? Philadelphia? Now that he has the Blackberry and I can get in touch easily, I sometimes lose track of his whereabouts! The good part is that when he goes to really nice places (like the week in Estonia and the week in Helsinki) I get to come along. Then I miss him (a little) while he’s at his business meetings and I’m out looking for yarn shops!

    Hope you enjoyed the weekend thoroughly!

  10. Doris

    Oh, how I understand! My husband is away at Boy Scout camp this week and I am loving it. I get some straightening and decluttering done ( and he rarely ever misses what I have gotten rid of, so I figure that I am on the right track here). He goes a few times a year, when he goes on the camping weekends and I just get so much accomplished. And I am always happy to see him when he gets back.