Things that Thrill(er) me today.

  1. As I was passing the yarn store on the way to the Registry for a Fast Lane Transponder, an afghan in the window caught my eye. I stood there for a couple of minutes admiring the aran stitches, imagining myself curled up with it during the cold of winter. The yarn store had not opened yet and I had a date in the Registry to get those transponders. (Thing I am not thrilled about? Waiting for an hour in the Registry for my turn only to be told that the Computer System is Down and to go away. They did not tell us to “go away” in those words but that is what they meant. I’m sure of it)
  2. Okay, well, after that hour of sitting and waiting, I had to pass the yarn store again, with every intention of stopping in to buy that afghan pattern. They were not opened yet even though it was 10:20 am and they advertised being open at 10. Whatever, I thought as I stomped off.
  3. Well, that didn’t sound too THRILLING, did it?
  4. But? After work, I headed to the Registry again and only waited about 3 minutes for my turn! Yay!
  5. We now have 2 transponders that are (allegedly) set to work this weekend when we travel through 3 tolls to spend the weekend in New Hampshire!
  6. A long weekend gives me a THRILL(er)
  7. This may be the biggest THRILL(er) of this list: I DO NOT WORK AT THE REGISTRY. Holy mother of god, those people are miserable!
  8. I bought the afghan pattern on the way out: Ravelry Link: Aran Afghan. Only 1 person has knit it. I guess we’ll have to change that, eh? Link with a great picture and the pattern to download. THRILLerING is it not?
  9. Did I mention how THRILLed I am to NOT work at the Registry? Do you think you have to be grumpy to work there or that you get grumpy ONCE you work there? Any Registry workers out there?
  10. My family is now home. When they are all away and I get ME time, I am so glad to have a full house again.
  11. If I wear rain drops on my ears will they stop in real life?

    If I wear rain drops on my ears will they stop in real life?

    • My silver lining Earrings. If that is not a THRILLER, I don’t know what is!
    • (I am doing my own small,personal tribute to Michael Jackson with my blog titles. Have you noticed?)


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9 responses to “Thriller

  1. Mandy

    Is that what I need to make it rain?!? Share a source, please! 😉 I’d be THRILLed!

  2. LOL I have to say I LOVE your subtle references to MJ in your titles! Will the next one be Bad??

  3. The earrings look great. Well done, you.

  4. I like the earrings! Maybe that’s what we need down here. We went from flooding in the spring to no rain for weeks now.

  5. You are too funny. You’d think even government employees would be happy just to have jobs these days.

    Great earrings!

  6. Oh those folks at the MA Registry- maybe that’s why our license pictures are always so bad – it’s the karma there.

  7. Is Dangerous next? Because I think that would be a THRILLER.

    Love the earrings! I’m so proud of you for doing what needed to be done to wear them.


  8. Tee

    I’m guessing the Registry is what Maryland calls the MVA? After years of long lines and bad attitudes, we discovered a branch office equidistant in the opposite direction with friendly, helpful, relaxed people in it. We’ve been afraid to spread the word lest they become equally overworked!

    All my children are trained to chorus “we love EZPass!” as we glide through the tolls. The fun hasn’t warn off in nearly a decade.

  9. I Wanna ROCK With You …. All Night…with your titles. That afghan is THE thing — the thing to replace the knitting you LOVED on your aran sweater. Perfecttttttttt!

    You look so cute in your earrings. !!! LX