The Way You Make Me Feel~ foot version

I have a sore foot. Specifically, a sore left heel. It was not a dramatic injury or a good story to tell except that it hurts. All the time. It could have been from my wonderful new Ryka shoes that don’t love my feet as much as I love them. Not a lot of support. Or, truth be told, it’s most likely my weight. Too much of it. This is probably my heel sending up a white flag. Should be enough for me to be thin in a heartbeat but, well, if you struggle with weight issues than you know that it’s not as easy as it SHOULD be. And if any ONE of you has a magic weight loss wand, my address can be had for the asking. You will share with me, right? You wouldn’t keep that to yourself? From me, your beloved blogger, right?
I bought new sneakers.
My kingdom for a painfree heel!

My kingdom for a painfree heel!

They make my feet feel wonderful. They are asics and have a gel heel. A match made in heaven, no? They do feel super. And I have this wonderful stretching exercise that stretches the heck out of the heel. I do it all the time. People at work probably think I am whacked. (heh, just the heel issue??)  By the weekend, I get the heel feeling pretty good, only a few twinges here and there.(The stretch is putting your feet one in front of the other about a foot apart and bending both knees,keeping both feet flat on floor,  stretching the back heel. If you straighten the back leg,  you stretch the calf, which is not a bad idea anyway.)
And then? The weekend. You see, I am a shoe flinger. From way back. I do not wear shoes inside the house. I do not do this for any other reason other than I LOVE to be without my shoes in the house. It does not feel RIGHT to be inside with shoes on. I feel very strongly on this one. I cannot be swayed.
Yeah, so the weekend comes along and I am in at home more than during the week and my feet have no shoes on them. Barefoot (or stocking foot as I am apt to be found) makes the heel hurt. Au natural is not for my left foot.
See the conundrum? I KNOW that I have to wear shoes inside (shudder) to make my heel feel better but I cannot stifle that instinct to actually do it.
It’s tough being me.


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11 responses to “The Way You Make Me Feel~ foot version

  1. Mandy

    I suffered with heel spurs for years. Losing weight helped (not all the way there yet, but I’m trying), but I know how you feel – I don’t like shoes in the house either, but standing in the kitchen can h-u-r-t. After hearing friends rave about them, I ordered a pair of crocs for wearing inside. Not those clogs, I got the 2 strap sandals. They are absolutely wonderful; I can stand in the kitchen all day and not have a minute of pain. That’s what has worked for me – I hope you find something that helps!

  2. I have the same problem, and I also prefer to be barefoot or sockfooted in the house. To keep from being crippled by the pain, though, I finally had to give in and get some house shoes. Slides with arch support work best for me; Hush Puppies and Merrell both make styles that fit my foot well. I get them big enough so that I can wear comfy socks under them; that way they are loose enough that I can slip them off while I’m sitting down and slip them back on quickly to walk around.

  3. meezermeowmy

    Our DD was diagnosed with plantar fasceitis, and was told she could NOT run around the house barefoot. Her problems sounded very similar to yours. You are already on the right track with good shoes and stretching, but should follow up with your primary MD, since we can only guess on-line.

    Hope you feel much better soon.

  4. A good pair of sandals with arch and heel support might be the answer. That’s what works for me.

  5. tish

    How about knitting yourself a little pair of heel only socks (or a regular pair of light cottony socks) with a little pocket for a thin gel support? Then you can be (mostly) barefoot but the heel still gets a nice little cushion (you’d have to do one for the right foot too or you’d end up with a whole bunch of other issues from walking around with an unbalanced stride).

  6. Bummer about that heel. I don’t wear shoes in the house either, and wouldn’t like it if I had to.

  7. Kind of a tingly hurty sort of a thing? Had that last year. Lots of fun.

    Shoes during the summer is just wrong.


  8. Emily

    I have heel spurs too. I found that wearing orthotics in my outside shoes lets me walk barefoot inside sometimes. Also, I hear you can get Birkenstock-like sandals made from an orthotics base. That’s not quite like wearing shoes….

  9. Shoe flingers must unite to solve the problems that plague us. I too have foot issues which are most likely caused by my weight. I haven’t found the answer yet but it does help me justify buying expensive shoes on the basis of them being a rare comfy shoe. Just sayin’.

  10. Gel heels? Awesome.

    I went barefoot for years and then somehow my first husband got me out of it. That man never set his bare feet on carpet.

  11. I second (or third) the suggestion that it sounds like plantar fasciitis . . . I have a horrible time with it, and have found that wearing shoes with realllllly good arch support helps more than cushy heels do — it sometimes stems from low arches/flat feet.