Moose and lily on a vacation

Did you think I had forgotten you? I did not. Ever. Don’t ever think that!

The start of my 2 week vacation (staycation like usual) has brought the humid weather along with it. I’d like to say a polite “no  thank you” to that, if you don’t mind, Mother Nature. This cold and rainy spring/summer has taught me one important lesson about myself: I could indeed move to Seattle/Vancouver and be happy in the rain. Of course, all of my friends and relatives will be moving with me, you know who you are. There will be quite a coast shift going on if this happens!

I started my Christmas knitting which amazes me as much as you.

I'm in the mood for glove....Let the glove puns commence.

I'm in the mood for glove....Let the glove puns commence.

Annemor #7 from Selbuvotter:  Biography of a Knitting Tradition in various alpaca yarns, my go to mitten/glove yarn. The antlers need a bit of blocking attention, they seem a bit POOFY to me but overall I am happy with them. So far. But that pinky? Cripes all mighty. The pattern lacks certain instructions that make sense in that department. I am not happy with the pinky and will be ripping it out and starting over. Only the pinky, don’t get nervous. The biggest problem is that the chart does not match the stitches that she says to put on the needles. So, I dealt with it, chose another finger pattern and carried on. But the pinky is a bit small, fitting me perfectly. While I have non small everything else, I do have small ish hands and if they fit me they will be too small for my friend.

I never thought I would knit a moose in my life but yet, here we go. And I’m loving every minute of it.

There will be many a vacation moment spent on my porch with moose. That is my vacation goal, one I think I can meet.

And there are flowers:

Lilies to be exact. I am in love with a lily. I never really cared for them before but this one has me enchanted. My Mom gave me the bulb a couple of years ago and it’s not put on much of a show. Until this year. It must love the extreme watering it got!

Mystery lily. I wish I could remember the variety

Mystery lily. I wish I could remember the variety



What’s new with you while I was blog incapacitated?



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10 responses to “Moose and lily on a vacation

  1. What!? You did not TELL me you were knitting a glove. I feel….somehow …. violated.

    Who am I?


  2. Oh, and I forgot an important part of that comment:

    AND WHO IS THIS FRIEND, pray tell, that you are KNITTING FOR without TELLING me?!

    And? Can you meet me at the airport?

    Now. That’s enough clues.

  3. Barbara M.

    So glad you’re back! And that is one stunning glove….I’m sure the moose will be very entertaining.

  4. I’ve missed you miss Sandy! Are you going to blog every day of your staycation? Please do!

  5. Doris

    Glad to see you back! I have some alpace that I might just have to use for mittens…good idea.

  6. Susanne

    How is your foot???

  7. Missed you now that I’ve found you! Check out the lily on my blog – very similar. It’s called Indian Giver.

  8. Sandy! Its great to hear from you. There is nothing new here. But I’ll admit, I’m loving the sunshine and can live with the humid if that’s what it takes.

  9. Love the glove! I have that book, too, and love it. But there is a lot of fudging called for on the fingers. I usually have to sneak in a few made stitches.
    Glad you’re back!

  10. Do you remember the movie of Yellow Submarine? “Fetch me my glove!”

    Do you want to do lunch sometime during your vacation?