Will you marry me, Bill?

It’s the heat and the humidity. I hate them both. Heat and Humidity, the dastardly duo. I cannot wait to see them leave. Unwanted guests, they are.
We waited so long for summer that I thought I would welcome any and all aspects of it when it finally arrived. I was wrong.
I am wrung out with an upset stomach and hair that hangs unappealingly.
Thank you, dewpoints in the 70’s.


Bill! I love you so, I always will….

Remember that song? I have it entrenched in my mind with all the talk of Hurricane Bill.

We lucked out. It stayed a safe distance from the East Coast, leaving big waves and a little wind in his wake.

Andy and I went out searching for the big waves on Saturday night, not too successfully. Bill was not strong enough to send the waves crashing into our protected cove. We did find a bit of a larger wave but the fog rolled in so that the water was not even visible. We had to give up and go have some ice cream. What else is a person to do? (I had a banana frappe,  my personal fav)

No big waves here!

No big waves here!

the fog is rolling in!

the fog is rolling in!

I love the fog

I love the fog

the biggest wave of the night

the biggest wave of the night

*sorry to you facebook friends for the repeat of the pictures*

There is cooler weather forcasted for next weekend. I’m not sure I can make it that long…




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8 responses to “Will you marry me, Bill?

  1. I hate this weather! We headed to Portland for some relief on Friday. 🙂

    Am I the only one waiting for the first crisp, cool morning?

  2. It sure has been hot and humid around here! But I am not complaining because humidity doesn’t have to be shoveled.

  3. We had high humidity the last couple of days…we melt when it gets to 40% and it’s been much higher. Not my thing either, Sandy. Come on cool weather! The pictures are so cool, however.

  4. Jean E.

    Right now it is 52 degrees here. Oh and foggy. Gotta love Summer in Michigan!

  5. I’m with you on the heat and humidity–though my hair just gets bigger until I feel like I’m peering through a thicket.

  6. Facebook?!

    Who are you?!

    I am so jealous of your fog.

  7. Cracking up at Carole’s comment. She’s got THAT right (you have to hear the voice of the cleaning lady who uses that phrase every other sentence).

    I love fog too. LOVE. Except when I have to drive in it. XO

  8. Now I’ve got to go find Wedding Bell Blues on my ipod! 🙂