This is your birthday song, it doesn’t last too long..HEY! (my song from Bethany!)

My birthday mosaic

My birthday mosaic

I had my cake and ate it too. I am 48.

This is the part where I wonder where the years went. Having connected with some high school and college friends on Facebook, I realize that my kids are now OLDER than when I hung around with these people that I remember so well. The years, they zip.
It’s a gorgeous day here, as you can see by photo. The sky is blue, the temperature is tolerable and the breeze is blowing.
I hope your sky is blue too.



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24 responses to “This is your birthday song, it doesn’t last too long..HEY! (my song from Bethany!)

  1. Happy Birthday, sweetie pie!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sandy!

  3. Happy Birthday, San!!!! Fried clams for dinner tonight? Have some for me — I’m on a diet and there will be no fried anything ’til I lose this 10 pounds. NONE. I MEAN it. Well, OK, probably this weekend when I go out with “the guys” for huge weekend of orientation events, since we always seem to end up at Al’s French Frys (yes, they spell it that way — hey, at least there’s no apostrophe there, or something!!!) Well, anyway. There won’t be CAKE. So have a piece of THAT for me, mkay?

    Love you!!!!


  4. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Happy Birthday, Sandy!

    At least, you still remember those people. ;^)


  6. Happy birthday, Sandy! The cake looks yummy 🙂

  7. Mmmm, cake! Your sky looks DELIGHTFUL — perfect little touch for your day.

  8. Happy happy birthday!!!

  9. Manise

    A very Happy Birthday Sandy! A perfect sky day for you.

  10. Jenn C.

    Happy birthday!

  11. Suzanne

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy, happy birthday.

  13. A slightly belated Happy Birthday, but what the heck. Sounds like you had a good one. I wish you many more.

  14. Geri

    Happy Birthday! Yummy looking cake!

  15. Hope you had a great birthday!!

  16. minnie

    happy birthday! you share your birthday with some marvelous people. Rachel Ray, Sean Connery (mrowr!), Gene Simmons, and my son, Liam. He turned longer a baby,or a little boy, or even a big boy. he’s ayoung man, now.

    andyou’re not old,lol, you’re only 5 years older than me!

  17. Sandy, I hope you had a great birthday!

  18. A belated happy birthday, you young chickie, you!

  19. Happy belated birthday!

  20. Happy belated birthday, lady!

  21. I’m late to the party, but Happy Birthday!