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posting this from the other blog, seems there might be problems there…

I wrote this on my Sandysknitting original blog yesterday but there seems to be some problems so I’m reposting it here.


It’s been a while since I’ve written on this site. I’ve been over on the other blog (you’ve been over there, haven’t you?) but I really miss it here. I love the colors and the sheep. I hate the problems it gives me though. I do have MY PEOPLE working on switching over the other site to the address. I guess that will be good.

So, shall we do some random? ~it is wonderfully chilly today. I put on a turtleneck and pulled out a wool sweater. It’s the kind of day that gets warmer outside than in. That means the heating season is not far off

~I bought a couple of my favorite candles today, making me super ready for fall. Yankee Pumpkin Spice votive. It has been my fav for years and nothing has changed there.

~I also bought a butternut squash at the farmer’s market. Does anything say autumn like butternut squash?? ~the weeds, they are out of control. I vowed that I would pull them this weekend. I hope they are quaking in their roots.

~Overheard at the butcher shop today:

Butcher boy: We will start to bring in roasts and whole chickens now that the weather is cooler

woman: are they your own chickens?

Butcher boy: no, but they are all natural and organic

woman: Oh, good. They will be hormonal free? heh.

~Speaking of hormones. And we were. Today a little yellow butterfly flew into my car windshield on my errand run, squashing the little guy. The weird thing? I couldn’t stop crying. Sobbing for a little yellow butterfly. Cripes all mighty. When my wonderful father in law died last October, I could barely squeak a tear out. What the hell?

~And speaking of Andy’s family. My Mother in Law fell last Sunday, breaking her hip. She has had surgery and is now in rehab. All I can feel about it is exhaustion. And yet that butterfly? Sobbing.

~I am cooking some dried red kidney beans right now, grown locally for a big pot of chili tonight. I cannot wait. WARNING: If your name is Faith and you are reading this, please do not read any further. I am warning you. I will go over there and smack you one. I’m serious. Click the x.

~Is she gone? Good.

I am knitting. DSC00779.JPG

Goes right along with the autumn theme with the wonderful colors. If I were to name that color it would be “AUTUMN BURST”. I love it. The pattern is Relm by Jared Flood. The yarn is Magallanes by Arucania. Faith picked out this yarn on July 4th weekend and I am knitting it up as a Christmas gift for her. RELM HAT ON RAVELRY


Mad for Knit Carol is running a half marathon for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I hope you will consider pledging some money to her. She is having a great prize giveaway.

Read about it here

See the prizes here Donate to Carol’s half marathon here (WE can get her to that $1500 goal, can’t we? A wee bit at a time?

~~~ Do you have anything random to talk about?


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My proverbial hat is in my hand..

HOW? Have I gone so long without you?? 🙂

First up? Some business…

Mad for Knit Carol is running a half marathon for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Now let me tell you something about Carol. Last year she put my father in law’s name on her jersey as she ran the marathon, in recognition of his battle with common bile duct cancer. I cannot tell you how, to this day, I am deeply touched by that gesture. I don’t believe anyone has done anything more meaningful for me.
She is running again and once again I am here begging for some donations on her behalf. Once again, I remind you that SHE is doing the running, not I or you. That’s the great thing. WE can fork over 10 bucks (or 20 or 40) and still sit all cozy on our computer chair while poor Carol is schleeping her butt all over the Boston area in preparation for a 13 mile run. We are getting the better end of this stick, my friend.
I am hoping you can donate. Please do it in the memory of my sweet, grumpy old father in law. Or of your wonderful neighbor. Or maybe an old teacher, or an aunt, mother, father, sister, brother or child. Cancer is insidious. It touches us all, whether or not we want to be touched.

And there are prizes to boot  (see her September 1st entry)

Please let me know if you have donated to her and I will hold a drawing for a prize myself. I cannot let generosity go unrewarded. Or at least a chance to be rewarded.

I promise the prize will not be a small cat. Or a basket of laundry. It will be something knitterly.


And speaking of knitting…

Moose glove

Moose glove

palm side of moose glove

palm side of moose glove

I am finally on the thumb of the moose glove. These are to be a Christmas gift for one of my best friends. (I hope she likes them!) Gloves are a messy sort. They are not as neat and tidy as mitten knitting. These are a bit wonky and whiny. I am hoping that a good blocking fixes it’s ills. Fingers crossed.
It’s hard to squeeze in knitting time lately as a certain orange cat seems to think that my lap is his lap and that any and all knitting paraphernalia are fair for a good cat game.  His favorite yarn game is “I bite this yarn until it is broken!”  Woo!


"is she telling stories about me again? Who do you believe? Me, with my cuddly cute face or her, the almost non existent blogger?"

All my love and good thoughts go to Margene for her surgery tomorrow. She has a big enough heart, now it needs a bit of tweaking.


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