posting this from the other blog, seems there might be problems there…

I wrote this on my Sandysknitting original blog yesterday but there seems to be some problems so I’m reposting it here.


It’s been a while since I’ve written on this site. I’ve been over on the other blog (you’ve been over there, haven’t you?) but I really miss it here. I love the colors and the sheep. I hate the problems it gives me though. I do have MY PEOPLE working on switching over the other site to the address. I guess that will be good.

So, shall we do some random? ~it is wonderfully chilly today. I put on a turtleneck and pulled out a wool sweater. It’s the kind of day that gets warmer outside than in. That means the heating season is not far off

~I bought a couple of my favorite candles today, making me super ready for fall. Yankee Pumpkin Spice votive. It has been my fav for years and nothing has changed there.

~I also bought a butternut squash at the farmer’s market. Does anything say autumn like butternut squash?? ~the weeds, they are out of control. I vowed that I would pull them this weekend. I hope they are quaking in their roots.

~Overheard at the butcher shop today:

Butcher boy: We will start to bring in roasts and whole chickens now that the weather is cooler

woman: are they your own chickens?

Butcher boy: no, but they are all natural and organic

woman: Oh, good. They will be hormonal free? heh.

~Speaking of hormones. And we were. Today a little yellow butterfly flew into my car windshield on my errand run, squashing the little guy. The weird thing? I couldn’t stop crying. Sobbing for a little yellow butterfly. Cripes all mighty. When my wonderful father in law died last October, I could barely squeak a tear out. What the hell?

~And speaking of Andy’s family. My Mother in Law fell last Sunday, breaking her hip. She has had surgery and is now in rehab. All I can feel about it is exhaustion. And yet that butterfly? Sobbing.

~I am cooking some dried red kidney beans right now, grown locally for a big pot of chili tonight. I cannot wait. WARNING: If your name is Faith and you are reading this, please do not read any further. I am warning you. I will go over there and smack you one. I’m serious. Click the x.

~Is she gone? Good.

I am knitting. DSC00779.JPG

Goes right along with the autumn theme with the wonderful colors. If I were to name that color it would be “AUTUMN BURST”. I love it. The pattern is Relm by Jared Flood. The yarn is Magallanes by Arucania. Faith picked out this yarn on July 4th weekend and I am knitting it up as a Christmas gift for her. RELM HAT ON RAVELRY


Mad for Knit Carol is running a half marathon for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I hope you will consider pledging some money to her. She is having a great prize giveaway.

Read about it here

See the prizes here Donate to Carol’s half marathon here (WE can get her to that $1500 goal, can’t we? A wee bit at a time?

~~~ Do you have anything random to talk about?


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8 responses to “posting this from the other blog, seems there might be problems there…

  1. Pretty, pretty colors in that yarn! I tried to comment over there but it wouldn’t let me. I miss the look of that blog too.

  2. Manise

    FYI: I was able to comment over there!

  3. Can’t keep up with you, Ms. Sandy 😉 Is this a test?

  4. Yesterday I kept mourning the worms I accidentally cut in half while digging up sod to make a garden.

  5. Andrea, don’t mourn the worms. They regenerate from their cut pieces! They do! (at least I like to think so)

    So you’re over here? You’re over THERE. I can’t keep up with you.

    Mmmm, those yarn colors are to die for. I had some Manos in exactly those colors — looked like the same yarn precisely — and I thought I would knit it and never did. Ended up selling the yarn. Go figure. OK, apparently this comment is getting too long, because the comment box is going postal on me. XO

  6. Hormonal free. /sigh

    At least, this blog is still fully functional.

    I was just thinking the other day that I need to get more maple syrup because it’s almost time to start making apple cobbler for Bob again.


  7. I love the fall colors in the yarn.

    I always feel like it’s officially fall when I can get apples and butternut squash at the farm stands.

    Yeah, I tried to comment on the other blog but it wouldn’t let me.

  8. My commenting was also shunned by the other place…
    Love that yarn!
    Would it help to consider that the yellow butterfly was probably actually a cabbage moth, and you just saved someone’s brussels sprouts?