Cookies, timing, an old hatred of silverware and a pumpkin shortage

chocolate and white chip cookie

chocolate and white chip cookie

You know what I like best about baking cookies? (Besides the obvious “eating the cookie”?) Setting the timer. 11 minutes in my wonderous new oven, is the perfect time for a perfect cookie. 11 minutes. Doesn’t seem like much time, right? But when I set that timer, I got elbow deep into the pile of dirty dishes waiting for me in the sink. I had let them stack up a bit. You know how that happens kind of all of a sudden. There is a few dishes in there so you pass on it. The next time you glance over? Mountains. It was like that. Mountain climbing in dirty dishes. No good view on this mountain.

11 minutes later, I had gotten the bulk of the dishes washed, even the dreaded silverware. I have hated washing silverware from way back. WAY back. I don’t know what it is, so tedious I guess. Gag me with a spoon. And a fork, and butter knife and steak knife for that matter. Hate them.

But when that 11 minute timer buzzed, sweet cookie aroma filling the chilly air, I only had a couple of pans left to wash. Life seemed a little easier. And cleaner.  Then I could enjoy my one cookie. I’m not much of a sweet eater but I do have to have 1. Preferably still warm and melty.


I watched the movie Marley and Me last night. I have the puffy eyes this morning to prove it. Kind of a tearjerker at the end. I enjoyed it, a good heartwarming, funny (and sad) movie. Made me think about getting a dog. And then Mitchell smacked me in the head.


Autumn has arrived in full force. I plan on making boeuf bourguignon for dinner and while that is cooking perhaps take my mother in law out for a ride to view some foliage. (She feel a couple of weeks back and broke her hip. She has been in a rehab since. Perhaps she’d like to break out for a while today!)

Enjoy your weather. What’ it like where you are? I know Vicki has had some snow. So has Kim (her blog has disappeared! I know I am a bit out of it blog wise, but what the HECK??) . Have you? (Make a snowball for me!)


And in a totally unrelated note, when I was at the store yesterday, I wanted to buy a can of pumpkin to make our favorite autumn pumpkin bread. Not ONE can of pumpkin to be had. A weird run on pumpkin. Weird.



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19 responses to “Cookies, timing, an old hatred of silverware and a pumpkin shortage

  1. no pumpkin here, either…
    I mix it in my pups food
    to avoid the expensive vet meds,
    but none available for weeks now.

  2. Greetings from The Big Woods of Wisconsin, Laura Ingalls reporting. Hahaha, not really. I used to pretend I was her up here when I was little, though, pumping and hauling water, bringing in wood for the stove, heating water to do dishes (or take a bath), using the outhouse (or the chamber pot in the middle of the night). A real pioneer! Anyway, no snow this morning!! It’s gorgeous. I haven’t even looked for pumpkin because I had one that I cooked myself — which was easy-peasy, by the way, and it warmed the house nicely and smelled good, besides!!

  3. I usually burn the last sheet of cookies. There’s the “There! That’s done!” feeling as it goes into the oven, and I forget to set the timer. The smoke alarm lets me know when it’s time to take them out…

  4. meezermeowmy

    We had a cold front go through, yesterday’s high was 89, today’s will be 76. It’s 63 and rainy, so I believe lunch after church will be a pot of chili. This is as close to fall as we will get for many months.

  5. Manise

    May I suggest using freshly baked pumpkin? I’ve used it before and it works rather well, though more time consuming.

    Pray tell what new oven did you get? I’m shopping for a stove/ovens now due to our flood in August.

  6. No pumpkin, huh? Probably all those expat Canadians making pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving dinner today!

  7. Remember that you can use squash too. Buy a real one, steam and then whiz in the mixer. Tastes gorgeous…but probably not as good as those cookies. Yum!

  8. I always let the silverware soak in the dishwater while I do the plates and bowls. By the time I get to them, they don’t need a lot of attention.

    Can you kill your own pumpkin?

    Good luck with your mother-in-law. Getting them into a car with a dodgy new hip can be a challenge. Ask me how I know. O.o


  9. Jean E.

    I just returned from our grocery store. Huge display of canned pumpkin. Need me to send you a can?? Weather here in SW Michigan is quite cool. I think I even heard the weather dude say the “s” word. Not ready to hear that yet.

  10. Here in Dallas we’ve had a couple days of autumn . . . next week it will be back to almost summer, but then cool again — October is a roller-coaster month. I’m betting, though, that our “autumn” is more like your “summer”, haha!

  11. Jenn C.

    oh, so not ready for snow! I don’t need to tell you my weather, since ours is likely the same exact as yours, being not that many miles from you =)

    Those cookies look awesome!

  12. This year’s weather was apparently disasterous for pumpkin crops. I heard that some patches are actually shipping the pumpkins in from the Midwest. Maybe that extends to canned pumpkin puree?

    Baking sounds like a great idea. Off I go …

  13. Jean Marie

    I’ve noticed that pumpkin becomes scarce, usually late summer or early fall; I believe that pumpkin is a seasonal crop – what is canned at harvest time each season is what the company has available to sell – poor harvest, little pumpkin to can…

    The pumpkins for sale around here are primarily for decoration – so not the cook for pumpkin puree type. Sigh. I’m going to miss my pumpkin bread this year…

  14. Weather here (St. Louis, MO area) has been chilly and rainy. In less than 48 hours we got between 3 and 6 inches of rain, depending on where you were. Sunny yesterday and today but a definite nip to the air. Frost warning for last night. Tomorrow is probably going to be the best day of the upcoming week with a high forecasted to be 63 but rain comes back (in the form of showers) on Tuesday. Haven’t looked for pumpkin so I don’t know if we have it in the stores or not.

  15. Barbara M.

    My pet peeve has always been unloading the dishwasher. I hate it!!! Could put it off for hours, sometimes even washing dirty dishes by hand rather than take the time to unload it. One day I timed it…. turns out it takes about 3 minutes, which is, coincidentally, just about the time it takes my electric tea kettle to boil the water for a nice cup of tea! I can’t believe how much time I have wasted, complaining about unloading the dishwasher!

    I agree with you about the silverware. I’m the oldest of 5 kids, and 7 people eating only use about 7 plates, plus a few serving dishes, etc. But they dirty at least 21 spoons, forks and knives, plus the butter knife and the ones that fall on the floor and have to be replaced…..WAY TOO MUCH silverware for any right-thinking person to wash!

    (Thanks for the large font here, Sandy. Much easier on these old eyes, which have been stressed reading lace charts recently!)

  16. Haven’t you HEARD? The pumpkins are in wicked short supply, much like the tomatoes this year. They didn’t get going because of the cold, wet start to the year. They’ve been talking about it ad nauseum up here. Not enough jack-o-lanterns! I’m dubious that that’s why there is no canned pumpkin, but maybe. And then there are the “created” short supplies that I’m always suspicious of… like right now the flu vaccine is in terribly short supply — I’m convinced that’s because of the human nature to get competitive when that happens, and that’s The Man’s propaganda to get us all rushing to the doctor to get one. Heh.

  17. The temperatures here are nice, in the 60s and 70s, but the rain is just going on forever. I like rain, but this is getting old.

    Hey I think I have a can of pumpkin in the cabinets.

  18. Must be Canadian shoppers, buying up all the pumpkin for our early Thanksgiving 😉

  19. Brenda

    Today in Phoenix, az it hit 100 degrees, blech. I cannot wait till it cools off, winters here are almost worth the hot summers.