Autumn’s golden light is back

This time of year is just energizing for me. Our weather is stunningly wonderful today, I hope yours is too.

On Friday, I took a picture of the tree in our yard because I was enjoying the gold color so much. I did not post it because the photo did not register the gold like my eyes did. Saturday brought a wind and rainstorm to our area and Sunday, the tree is almost bare.

Linda Leafless

On the left, the tree on Friday. Same tree on right, Sunday

What a difference a day makes. Or two. ( I came very close to naming that photo, Linda Leafless, but I thought perhaps that was too obscure.)

Life is swimming along, busy and yet not. Going for walks, cooking dinners, mountains of everylasting laundry, knitting when Mitchell isn’t looking, reading (I just finished reading the Diary of a wimpy Kid series! I love these books so much! I laughed out loud numerous times (lol, if you will) I have gotten a couple of people at work to read them. I think that although they are meant to be a young adult book, an adult will appreciate the humor more) , watching movies (I watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas today and I am still stunned about it!) (My yearly viewing of Hocus Pocus is next) And of course, working, which honestly just gets in the way of all the fun stuff.

So I ask you this:

  1. Have you seen any good movies lately?
  2. What are you reading?
  3. How is your golden light?

Pork chops are in the brine, butternut squash is ready to be roasted, apples are ready to be…sauced and dinner is served at 6. 🙂



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14 responses to “Autumn’s golden light is back

  1. 1. Last night we watched “Persepolis” which is animated and on DVD (we got it from the library). It’s brilliant, and I highly recommend it.

    2. Yesterday I read “The Raw Shark Texts”; it’s a novel and very bizarre but apparently very engaging (I read the whole thing in one day).

    3. Our golden light is fantastic, thanks! Autumn is my favorite, and though it’s been rainy here almost all month, we had a great sunshiney day yesterday with the light Just So.

    4. I love lists.

  2. I just finished reading “Fatally Flakey” by Diane Mott Davidson. It’s a mystery. Since the main character, Goldie, is a caterer there are recipes in it.

    Don’t go to the movies or have a TV so I’ve not been watching anything.

    We’ve had a little bit of golden light but mostly we’ve had rain, rain, and yet more rain. I’m disappointed in our fall colors along the highways. Some of the bushes and things in my subdivision are very nice, though, especially the red burning bushes at the entrance.

  3. We’ve been introducing Eli to semi-adult coming of age movies so Friday we saw Hope and Glory–last week (actually last two weeks as he wanted to see it twice) was My Life as a Dog.

    You know what I’m reading!

    We spent the day enjoying the golden light at the Marini Farm corn maze–definitely worth it if you have a spare afternoon.

    Pork and squash for dinner here too but I don’t think we’re eating until 6:30 if you’re ready for another course around then!

  4. 1. I’ve been watching scary movies in honor of Halloween. You wouldn’t like them.
    2. I just finished My Life in France. That you would like.
    3. The light was so golden yesterday at the Ren Faire!

  5. How fortunate that you took that photo of that tree Friday — what a difference on Sunday! Unbelievable. Ummmmm, no scary movies for me, thank you. I watched “Marley & Me” last night for the first time. Since I do not really enjoy the hijinks of a really horrible-acting dog like some people do (like fart jokes or “world’s funniest/violent” home videos — I did not get the gene that tells me those are funny AT ALL), it took me a long time to get into — though I really did appreciate the acting, especially of Alan Arkin — but the end got me, for sure.

    I can smell your dinner. 😀


  6. Geri

    The last few minutes of the Boy in Striped Pajamas left me horrified. I just wasn’t anticipating that ending!
    This weekend we watched an American girl movie Kit Kitteridge. I was truly perplexed as to why my husband chose this movie since it is so kid oriented and we are 60 somethings. However, I must admit that there were some interesting historical references. I was pretty involved in my knitting so it was light and simple.
    We’re planning on going to see Amelia soon! As for reading I’m reading the Glory Cloak, historical fiction during the Civil war, involving Clara Barton and Louisa May Alcott. I loved Little Women!
    Goldens here in Ct. are becoming rust. Lost a ton of leaves this weekend. Sigh….

  7. Dee

    Started to watch Sophie Scholl – The Final Days last night, but I didn’t realize it was subtitled making it a bad movie for knitting, so I turned it off.
    Am currently reading The Defector by Daniel Silva. Great spy, thrilled stuff.
    The trees are golden and firey orange and red. And yesterday in the afternoon sunlight, the mountains were “purple mountains majesties”.

  8. No movies lately, no reading – just knitting. Golden light…saw some spectacular color during the rain on Saturday believe it or not! And I’m with you, sometimes you just can’t capture it!

  9. I watched Burn after Reading and God on Trial this weekend. I thought both were very good but the Coen brothers are an acquired taste and God on Trial is not exactly uplifting.

  10. My son has read all the Wimpy Kid series. In fact, the last one he read in one day!! I’ve read bits and pieces of them, really want to read the entire series.
    What else am I reading? Heat Wave by Richard Castle. He’s a character in the ABC show Castle. They are tieing in the book with the show. Very cool.

    Movies? Whatever has been on TV. I’ve been sick for a week so I’ve been catching up on what’s been saved on the DVR. Favorites include White Collar, Monk, and The Good Wife.

    and no golden color here. Central Florida is having a heat wave and will be breaking records. 90 degrees on Halloween!

  11. 1. My two favorite things I saw this year: Star Trek movie and “Natural History of the Chicken”, a PBS thing. It was hilarious. And beautiful. And disturbing. But mostly hilarious.

    2. Just finished a YA book “Picture Maker” about a Mohawk girl, circa 1300’s who ends up in Greenland. Very engaging.

    3. Dim. I’ve been sick. But I am planning to call my massage friend, get a deep massage, and an ionic cleanse after. Repeat. This idea (and the implementation will be even better!) is making my light brighter and golden…

  12. Sounds like the perfect autumn meal, next to turkey, that is.

    I’m reading A Thousand Splendid Suns – depressamundo. Best “recent” movies, not too recent, two subtitled ones – The Butterfly and the Diving Bell and Paris, Je T’Aime. Very different from each other but they’ll stick with you for a long time.

    We’ve entered our cold rainy season. No golden, just green and grey.

  13. I love Autumn. It means fall is coming.

    The only movies I’ve been watching lately are the Midsomer Murder Mystery series.

    I’m back into reading about Henry VIII and his love life.

  14. Reading the new Terry Pratchett, and enjoying it very much, as usual!
    Just watched “The Lost Room” on dvd – a loan from a co-worker who thought I would like it. He was right.
    Just rain and gloom up here…