Sharing the (g)love

Christmas knitting

Moose (g)love

Really, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news or anything, but Christmas is just 50 days away. 50 days is not much knitting time.  Especially when you have an orange cat trying to eat your yarn and you have to knit at work or in secret. But this orange cat has a sixth sense about yarn. He can sense it near.

I have a couple of other Christmas knitting projects planned but they are totally doable. One is a wonderful beret (Jared Flood’s Relm pattern. LOVE it) and perhaps a manly scarf.  I only knit for the people that will be good receivers. You know the type we avoid like the plague, the ones that do not understand how personal it is. How it’s an extension of ourselves, how it is NOT a cheap gift at all. I have more giftees that I will never knit for, ever. Not even if hell freezes over and they need a pair of mittens. I won’t. They will have to buy their mittens in bulk at Walmart or something, I won’t budge .
I won’t.

the flash makes my eyes look weird

Mitchell sits on the computer

Mitch says “she’s not telling stories about me, AGAIN, is she?? Who are you going to believe????”



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10 responses to “Sharing the (g)love

  1. How I adore those moose gloves. They will be the best gift ever (or are you keeping them??)

  2. He looks so happy there!

  3. I believe YOU, Sandy. Just look at the wool lust in those eyes!

  4. Mitchell! My kittie! Stop looking so innocent 🙂

  5. Joy

    Wonderful gloves, and such an innocent-looking kitty 😉

  6. Jean E.

    I have made the mistake of giving a handknit gift to someone who did not appreciate it (cashmere fingerless gloves! to a close family member!!) never again. I still give handknit items, but I make sure I know they will be appreciated.

  7. Just sit up there and “cook,” kitty, and leave the frickin’ yarn ALONE!!!!

  8. Doris

    With you on both counts…there are a few people who will never, ever, no way, no how ever get a knitted gift from me. EVER! That definite enough? And I have a cockapoo who likes to just lick yarn or gently nibble it in his teeth. He doesn’t grab for it and I have never let it get far enough to find out if he’d eat it or not. Wierd animals….

  9. Terri

    cute kitty! He can get away with a lot by being so cute.

    I have whittled down my “A List” over the years. I have two pairs of socks and one other secret project to complete for Christmas presents. I think I’ll get them done. (I hope)

  10. tish

    Maybe he needs his own little felted toy (I bet he’d be a “good receiver”). My cat loves felted toys (esp. stuffed or rubbed w/catnip) because he can “skin” them (use his front teeth to pull little bits of fuzz off) and they are very durable. Sometimes I’ll also give him a tiny ball of yarn with a tail to chase around. That seems to satisfy his yarn love and he rarely bothers the stash lying around or yarn I’m knitting with. Unless he’s stretched across my lap on top of the yarn and I pull it and it tickles his tummy…then all bets are off.