Sometimes you cannot get home fast enough

Bad day? Time for wine


Sometimes a day is so bad, in fact, a week stacks up bad…SO BAD that there is only one thing for a person to do. Wine about it.

I felt close to dissolving in tears a couple of times today, it was not pretty. Tonight I will spend a bit of time with a fat bastard. Cabernet Savignon, that is.

Cheers to you! TGIF!



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17 responses to “Sometimes you cannot get home fast enough

  1. I’m sorry you had a bad day. I hope the weekend and the wine brings the relief you need.

  2. Funny, I spent the night with a Purple Cowboy last night. Tonight it’s a Menage a Trois… red, that is.

  3. I hit send to quick. I’m sorry you had a bad day. At least it’s Friday.

  4. Hugs, Sandy – TGIF!

  5. I hope the evening brings some laughs and less stress. I’m sorry it was a crummy day – cheers to a good weekend!


  6. I’ll have one with ya! Except mine is Asti Spumante. Because I roll like that.

  7. Jean E.

    Enjoy your wine! Maybe order in a pizza, too?

  8. So sorry you had a bad day!!! Here’s hoping things look up over the weekend.

  9. meezermeowmy

    Here’s to a glorious weekend!

  10. I hope you have a very relaxing evening and a lovely stressfree weekend. Maybe you’ll meet up with the fat bastard again? 😀

  11. Manise

    Hope your week gets better. How could it not with that cute snowman smiling on your wine glass?

  12. I’ve had a couple of weeks like that lately. I hope the wine and the weekend lead to better things.

  13. Oh, bummer. I had kind of a weird day yesterday, too, but not as bad as you, it sounds like. Enjoy the fat bastard. I mean the Fat Bastard. Hee.

  14. Oh no! I hope your weekend was better, dahlias and all.

  15. Doris

    I am sorry you had a bad day…I know the feeling well. I am catching up on several days blog reading because someone broke into my house Sunday morning at 4 am and stole my laptop (also my video camera…a couple of family videos in the case with it) and my husband’s good watch (a gift from my dad) and our Flip (a 3 week old mini HD video camera) and we’re not 100% sure what else…they were scared out of the house (oh, yeah, did I mention we were upstairs sleeping?!) by our dog insistently waking me up. Then later yesterday a 10 year old boy was hit by a car 5 houses down (he was responsive when he went off in the ambulance, but we don’t know more than that…other than it was his fault, as he ran across between two cars without looking). Someone else from the neighborhood hit him and is just beating himself up even though the parents have acknowledged that he is not to blame, and I really can’t blame him. And as the police were wrapping up they left in a hurry to go to a fire about 5 blocks away. Today my brother-in-law told us that his car was broken into last night…he lives about an hour away. Very bad day….I don’t need any more like this…and I really need a good night’s sleep….couldn’t sleep last night for thinking of the what ifs and the visual of the police coming into my house, guns drawn, because the door was still locked from the inside and we thought the burglar might be in our basement. He wasn’t…he went back out the very small kitchen window that he came in through. I am hoping for a very quiet evening…after I go fight about my son’s cell phone that has been replaced four times at Verizon. Never dull in my household.

  16. Doris

    Sorry for the length…it felt good to get it all out though.