Have you hugged your military today?

google veteran's day

I love this Google Veteran's Day picture

Here in the US, it’s Veteran’s Day, the day to honor our veterans. Although I did not have the day off, I have had this thought on my mind all day long.
So many of my fellow Americans have taken the call to protect our country. To protect me and my family. I could never find the words to express my deep gratitude to each and every one of them. All of the mothers that are awake at night not knowing how their son or daughter is, how they are feeling, are they scared, are they safe, are they cold?? All of the wives not sleeping next to their husbands at night, the children not having the daily hugs of their mother or father.
I salute you, US Military. Thank you for giving such a big part of your life to make mine better.


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2 responses to “Have you hugged your military today?

  1. Doris

    You said it beautifully, Sandy. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. You said it Sandy. And…I wish I could have figured out how to profile the “Google” like you just did – I loved each and every day of the Sesame Street week!