Randomly welcoming Friday

~If tomorrow is Saturday, it must be rain in the forecast.

~As I drove up to the hairdresser’s yesterday a woman was walking around the parking lot (it shares a lot with a lot of other businesses) with perm rollers in her hair, a plastic bag wrapping her head and wearing a cape.  And she was smoking. With perm solution in her hair. She was flammable. And looking quite NON chic, I must add. I just wondered about people. I mean really.

~Perm solution is something I had not smelled in years and years. But you do not ever forget the horrible smell. It is heinous.

~I got 2 perms in my life. I deeply, immediately regretted both.

~I am now embracing the straight haired me.

~At lunchtime today, the local radio station started playing Christmas songs  through to Christmas day. NOTHING could have made me happier today. Nothing.

~I love Christmas music and enjoy hearing it for this length of time. I do realize that some don’t enjoy it as much as I do, but I cannot get enough. They are uplifting, beautiful, funny or touching . I love them all. Before the radio stations started playing a month or 2 months of continuous Christmas music, I never got my fill. It was too haphazard. I listened to CD’s, or cassettes or (heaven forbid) 8 tracks or albums. But then I was out of touch with the world.

~Christmas music makes the world a nicer place.

~I so much more enjoy Christmas in November the last couple of years. It is before the stress of the holiday sinks in and spoils it.

~We are watching Annie right now. Love it! (It’s a hard knock life, for us..)

~Cat hair. I wish there was a way to bundle it and sell it.

For now, just go ahead and listen to one little Christmas song. It won’t kill you.


and this one if for Bethany!



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5 responses to “Randomly welcoming Friday

  1. I love Christmas music, too, although I prefer to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start listening.

  2. *plugs ears* I’M NOT LISTENING!!!! I can’t tolerate it more than a day or two, the Christmas music. But then, I’m not really all-around that much of a music lover in general. I’m defective, I know.

    I shudder to think of all the perms I’ve had. And now the coloring I’m getting. I wonder that there is any liver left in me. Eek.

    Have a great Saturday — hope it’s not rainy — and go ahead — LISTEN TO THAT FRIGGIN’ MUSIC.

  3. I’m with you Sandy! In fact, I just went right over to iTunes and bought the Straight No Chaser album (and ‘Africa’ – I LOVE that song).

  4. Jessica

    John Denver and the Muppets was absolutely my favorite favorite christmas album as a kid…. and now they have it on CD!!!! I see an Amazon order in my future 🙂 Or I could go instant gratification on itunes….

  5. Elaine

    Please thank Bethany for sharing the muppets with us! Actually listened to the SNC CD the other day… thank you for introducing them to me last year!