Marley and me

I went to see A Christmas Carol in 3D at the Imax theater today. What an awesome experience! I thought for sure I would have to brush the snow off of my lap when it was done! The 3D was superb! Unlike anything I have seen!
The movie was well done. I enjoyed it very much. (it is not for very young children in my opinion, the ghosts can be a bit scary, especially Marley) It stayed with the traditional storyline, which it really has to. One cannot call oneself A Christmas Carol and not be about Ebenezer Scrooge and ghosts, you know what I mean?
So, I am sitting there, enjoying the movie experience, the Marley ghost comes and tells him of the 3 ghosts that will visit him. I’m sure I”m not ruining the plot for you, right? The Ghost of Christmas Past arrives and that is when it happens. They fly through the air willy nilly, to get Scrooge to where he has to be, certainly, but also to give us the 3D flying experience, I am sure. SO, I’m flying along and I start to feel a bit warm. Which is weird because I was freezing a minute earlier. I’m sweating a bit in fact. Then I notice the awful taste in my mouth. Oh, dear. This feels a lot like being CAR SICK! Crap. I reach in purse to get a Bonine (Yes, I carry them around, what of it??) I chew it, closing my eyes to the onscreen onslaught to my equilibrium. Scrooge lands at home and I am feeling a bit better. There, I proudly think to myself. I conquered it.
Here is the Ghost of Christmas Present, what a fine looking ghost he is too. But HE is particularly heinous in the showing off department. I close my eyes. I take off the glasses (you can’t see anything then, it’s all blurry. But I can still see the movement, dammit). I hold my stomach. I’m FINE, I keep repeating over and over to myself. It is all in my MIND! FINE!
Now I’ve had my eyes closed for about 4 minutes, feels like a lifetime. My stomach is rolling and things are not getting better.
I opened one eye a crack and they were off again, stupid ghost. Can’t we take a cab? Can I meet you there?
That’s when I decide that I will either heave and ho right there or I would have to LEAVE.
I left.
I headed straight for the bathroom, hoping and WISHING that maybe I WILL throw up so that I can get rid of this feeling, you know? (Did not happen) (TMI) I glance at myself in the mirror (a 48 year old woman having to rush out of a movie theater, honestly!) and I see that I am pale as a ghost! (Of Christmas present, no doubt)
The rest of this afternoon and early evening has been spent sipping bubbly things and closing my eyes.
Wimpy indeed.
(The movie was great though, Go see it! ONLY if you are not movement sensitive!)

Marley was dead to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that…
And Sandy? Wimpy.



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9 responses to “Marley and me

  1. Oh no! I know how excited you were about seeing this. Maybe I’ll see it sans the 3D effect.

  2. Manise

    I usually find the IMAX experience thrilling so long as I don’t look down- the very steep pitch of the seats below and above make me anxious- the fear of heights kicks in and I start to wonder if I’ll fall out of my seat or my kids will to their death below.

    Your description was great though totally at your expense-lol. Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. DH & I did an Imax theater once and got claustrophobia. There must be something about them that brings out the quirks in people!

    Sorry you didn’t get to enjoy the movie.

  4. That’s too bad. Sounds like it would be fun to see.

    I went with my father to an Imax show (not 3D) of Everest and it made me a little quesy when they showed how high up they were on the mountain. The second part of the show was one on either Richard Petty or Mario Andretti (I can’t remember) and the race cars going around the track made me really queasy. I had to keep looking away at those parts.

  5. We don’t have an imax! And I’ve never been! The nearest is over an hour away in Saco. I get some of that queasy thing just sitting near the front, which I love to do… most of the time. I would love to see that star trek movie at an imax. But only if I can sit in the captain’s chair and have the leuitenant (I can’t spell tonight) bring me drinks and such. Sorry you had to leave the show, but, like you said, you know what happens…

  6. Imax and me don’t get along either. Or anything with boats (‘but it hardly sways’ people tell me) or reading on anything moving…I could go on. Sorry your experience wasn’t the best!

  7. Jean E.

    Thanks for the heads up on that. I have issues with vertigo, too. (I carry antivert at all times!!) I think I will forgo the IMAX experience.

  8. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of IMAX either. I don’t get motion sick, though. Poor you….too bad about you missing out on the ending of a movie you were enjoying so much. The last couple that I saw in 3D, I thought I could have done without the 3D effect. Too twee or something. I think I’m joyless sometimes. 😀

  9. Thanks for the heads-up! I’d better not try it – I’d end up heaving popcorn in the parking lot… 8)