I ran into some turkeys while shopping today

Not giving thanks

Do you think they are suspicious of what is next week?

There seems to be some locals that won’t really be giving Thanks this time of year. These turkeysare residents at a local farm, Green Meadows and they were awfully happy and friendly.
When Derek was little and visiting turkeys, he leaned against their wire caging and one took that opportunity to bite back on Derek’s finger. He was startled more than hurt. After a bit of tears, he exclaimed, “I like turkeys better when they are cooked!”
Let’s not tell these guys that story, though, huh?

I call this meeting to order!

Do you think the birds have a newsletter? Or mass emailing so they know when their weekly meeting is?
(Also entitled, Sky on Saturday, by way of birds!)



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4 responses to “I ran into some turkeys while shopping today

  1. They are happy because they don’t know the date!

  2. I bet he loves when you tell it 😉

  3. When I tried adding to the first comment, your site yelled at me “You are posting too quickly, slow down.”

    Da noive.