The name is pie. Pumpkin Pie

This Thanksgiving eve has been filled with baking. My home smells wonderful however, I still have to clean up a bit before I can think of going to bed.
I roasted my sugar pumpkins this morning.

Pumpkins go in the oven


About an hour later, they look like this:

A knife slips into the flesh easily, they are soft to the touch, ready for pie.

I let them cool and then cut them in half, scraping the seeds out. (The color is a bit off on these photos, however these particular pumpkins were not very orange. They are more like a squash yellow.)

ready to be cleaned out

Into the food processor they go. Nothing added, please!

Time for a whirl

Whirl until smooth

Pie ready, no can in sight!

I then followed a Martha recipe which is undocumented. It is in the oven right now baking, almost done. Can you smell it?

Honestly, using fresh pumpkin is not labor intensive and is almost as easy as opening a can. But feels so much more smug.

I’ll show you the pie tomorrow.

I still have a sink of dishes waiting. For that? I am not so grateful!



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4 responses to “The name is pie. Pumpkin Pie

  1. I went for the can but one of these days I’ll try it from the pumpkin. I also made a cranberry pecan pie, an apple pie and a mincemeat pie. My house smells so good!
    And also, I would really like a slice of pie right now. I think I’d enjoy it more tonight than I will tomorrow.

  2. Manise

    I love pumpkin pie. My youngest DS and I are the only ones who’ll eat it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I went the homegrown route for pumpkin (actually, squalumpkin or something…) pie this year. Sooooo good!

  4. Oh, homemade is SO MUCH better, but you will not convince my mother of that, heh. And that is the first time I’ve seen anyone bake their pumpkins with the seeds still in! What a great idea…why not? So much easier!