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3 cheers for the plumber

We have flushing capabilities! I cheer that plumber. I wish him plumb good luck in the new year.
Mr. Plumber was here for an hour and a half (!!!!!) working and slaving and huffing away in the basement. The clog was gargantuan in size, likely gathering for years he said. He had to super snake (his snake looked nothing like the bitty home user snake, I tell ya! Barbaric, even!) 56 feet down the driveway towards the road. That’s a lot of snake.

There is nothing like living flushless, though to give a healthy appreciation of good pipes. My pipes are fine, how are yours?


One drama resolved. I’m sure one is lurking in the wings. So it goes with home ownership.

And now, my attention turns towards New Year’s Eve. Our friends that we have always spent it with have gone away this year so we are on our own. Made me sad for a nanosecond because I am all about the value of tradition. But now that I’ve lived with it for a while, I am excited to have a NYE at home with Andy. We’ll have snacks, bacon wrapped chicken livers (Andy’s favorite), stuffed mushrooms (my favorite) and some veggie dip for good measure. We’ll put toothpicks in our eyes and make it to the stroke of midnight, have ourselves a bit of a smooch or two and then nod off.  And while that New Year’s Eve would not have appealled to my younger self at all, there is nothing I would rather do in the world tonight.

I hope you have a honey to spend it with too. Or a furry one. Or a wonderful you.

Happy New Year, my friends! Bring on 2010~!



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My kingdom for a flush

Is it time YET??

With New Year’s Eve barreling down upon us, I think this is a good time for a random list. (I love lists)

~I am on vacation this week. Sweet, sweet vacation. Better timing there could not be

~My Mom got us a Keurig coffee machine and we LOVE it. If you were to picture the perfect gift for my family right at this moment in time, that would be it. Everyone (including myself) has been enjoying numerous hot beverages. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, you name it, we drank it. The best selling point for me? No clean up of the coffee grounds. Love. It.

~This morning, I made a FAUX-LATTE with a Newman’s Bold Keurig coffee, microwave warmed milk and my favorite Starbucks sugar free vanilla syrup. Yum. MO.

~Plumbers. Can’t live with ’em. Can’t flush without ’em. We are having plumbing “issues” involving a clogged main line. OH JOY! We technically have running water, we just can’t use it. Again. Joy.  If there is anything that will make a whole family cranky is the inability to freely use the bathroom at any given time in day or night.

~So, yeah, the clog showed up, like an unwanted guest, around 6 pm last night, depositing it’s effects in the basement (Luckily we caught it fairly soon so it was not a disaster of epic proportions) (We caught it on “Frozen Pipe Watch” because it is so North Pole cold. An igloo would most likely be our new home style with this kind of weather). For about 2 hours, we (ha, “WE”. Not we at all, ANDY) snaked the drain and fiddled and tried to move the unwanted guest along. To no avail. Clogged and clogged good. Old pipes will do that. New pipes will do that too but these pipes are senior citizens and then some.

Anyway, around 8 pm, we called a neighbor, who is a plumber. As luck would have it, he does not DO that kind of job. (I did not say GOOD luck, see?) but he gave us a name of someone who would do that kind of job. Great. A referral. We were feeling a bit cocky throwing the neighbor’s name around, thinking that would get us somewhere a bit faster. Yeah. No. It did nothing.

At 10 pm, not hearing from Mr. Referral Plumber (who most likely had the GALL to have a life when WE needed him so desperately!) I then called my place of employment, where plumbers are on the payroll. I figured that *I* could come through and have  Mr. Big Corporation Plumber That I Know Personally will come and save the day.

Yeah. No. Apparently *I* don’t have any pull either. Drat it all to hell.
We spent a long, flushless night waiting for the phone to ring. It did not ring. Until 8 am today. Mr Referral Plumber will be here at 10 am. Or so.

Fingers crossed please that we will be a modern, flushable home by 10:30. Today.

~Cold. It is so blasted cold

~I was reading my new book, my Christmas gift from Derek, Stephen King’s Under the Dome (which was sold out in many a book location this Christmas, good for YOU, Mr. King), 1088 pages. A hefty read to say the least!

Anyway, I was reading away, cozy and warm on the couch (praying that I would not have any intestinal worries all the evening) (Because of the non flush zone, yanno) and Mitchell the cat wanted on the lap. I moved the book, onehanded to the side to give him room to get comfy and I almost sprained a wrist. Cripes that book is HEAVY! A bit of weight training WHILE I read. Multi tasking at it’s best.

~Here we are on the doorstep of another year. They do have a habit of rushing by, don’t’ they? Remember 10 years ago, the turn of the millenium? The hype and hysteria that went along with it? The visions of planes falling from the sky and the electricity going out permanently?

~Well, that’s it for today. I could go on and on, I’m feeling especially chatty today. Must be all of the coffee beverages I’ve been consuming lately!

~Enjoy this day, stay healthy (poor Bethany is super sick with a horrible cold right now) and have a flush or 2 for me, will ya?


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Joyeux Noel

how lovely are thy branches

There is something about this Christmas that I thoroughly enjoyed. Perhaps it is because we, as a family, decided to cut back a bit. The kid are adults now and I did not feel obligated to go all out anymore. What a difference it made. I did still go to bed exhausted to the bone last night but this morning I am remarkably refreshed after doing my own little holiday tradition: Falling asleep to the movie, The Christmas Story (“You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”).

I hope that you have a great day planned for yourself and your traditions soothe your soul instead of tiring it out.

I will leave you with this little sequence of pictures as well as a heartfelt Merry Christmas, friend! Thank you for being such a great friend to me.


Mitchell loves to sleep on the back of the chair lately. As you can see, there is a big pillow for a back, which I am sure is very comfy. It does have it’s flaw though. It is a pillow and moves and scrunches around. As you will see. (As always, you can click a picture to see it bigger!)

Um, guys? Hello? I seem to have slipped down between the cushion

I'm fine, really. It's kind of cozy in here

I'm fine. I will climb out by myself then while you take PHOTOS!!!

I sincerely hope your holiday is all you hope it to be!


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No chipmunks were harmed during the writing of this post

Another of my favorites from Straight No Chaser!


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Hello, snow!

It is  a beautiful thing to wake up in a snow covered world, snug in my bed, warm covers surrounding me as the wind blows the snow off the branches. Doubly beautiful is when it happens on a Sunday so I can linger under those covers and enjoy the view.

This small snowfall was the perfect nudge into the Christmas season.

Whoopdedoo, dickory dock, don’t forget to hang up your sock! (one of my favorite Christmas songs! Andy Williams, Happy Holidays. I cannot find the version that I like so much but this one is highly entertaining with the young Osmond Brothers. They presented squeaky clean, didn’t they?)

I have a really big soft spot for Andy Williams and Bing Crosby around Christmas. I must have an old soul. And also fodder for the family. They can just keep their poking fun at a dull roar, while I listen to my old standbys.


snowy morning

This one is not bad either!


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sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down..

I have always loved the Pixar Shorts. Kind of reminiscent of the “old days” when there were short cartoons before movies.  This one is one of my favorites.

We are supposed to be getting a bit of snow tonight. Lucky for me, our outside Christmas lights are up and waiting. Nothing is prettier than lights with snow.

(but in the meantime, it is snowing on my blog! THAT is a good thing!)


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