sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down..

I have always loved the Pixar Shorts. Kind of reminiscent of the “old days” when there were short cartoons before movies.  This one is one of my favorites.

We are supposed to be getting a bit of snow tonight. Lucky for me, our outside Christmas lights are up and waiting. Nothing is prettier than lights with snow.

(but in the meantime, it is snowing on my blog! THAT is a good thing!)



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2 responses to “sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down..

  1. Heather

    I just saw this on TV the other night. There was a special on of all the Pixar shorts and I have to say this one is also my favorite. And not just cause there is a sheep in it!! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Sandy!!!!! I didn’t know Pixar’s stuff was out there. LOVE.