Hello, snow!

It is  a beautiful thing to wake up in a snow covered world, snug in my bed, warm covers surrounding me as the wind blows the snow off the branches. Doubly beautiful is when it happens on a Sunday so I can linger under those covers and enjoy the view.

This small snowfall was the perfect nudge into the Christmas season.

Whoopdedoo, dickory dock, don’t forget to hang up your sock! (one of my favorite Christmas songs! Andy Williams, Happy Holidays. I cannot find the version that I like so much but this one is highly entertaining with the young Osmond Brothers. They presented squeaky clean, didn’t they?)

I have a really big soft spot for Andy Williams and Bing Crosby around Christmas. I must have an old soul. And also fodder for the family. They can just keep their poking fun at a dull roar, while I listen to my old standbys.


snowy morning

This one is not bad either!



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11 responses to “White

  1. Oh, you got REAL snow, too! I’m so jealous. We had real snow last year, one morning – Dec. 11th. It was gone by evening, but it was so much fun!

  2. Even “drunk,” nobody dances like Fred Astaire!

  3. Jean E.

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  4. A bit of the white stuff has arrived here, too. My mothers favorite was Andy Williams. We watched him and Perry Como every year.

  5. Geri

    I find the old time carols, songs and Christmas movies very comforting. Maybe because they were a part of my childhood. Oh my am I getting old!

  6. jill

    We were big King Family Singers fans and Patty Page. My mom had albums of both. I found the Patty Page album on disk not too long ago. So cool.

  7. Are you aware that your blog is snowing?

    I get more curmudgeonly about the holidays every year, mostly because of the relentless drumbeat of buy buy buy with the implication that not going deep into hock is simply unpatriotic. Posts like yours are a reminder to step back and remember the things I do like, the glory of first snow (its being just a couple of easily manageable inches doesn’t hurt either), the joys of baking (I should probably get my oven fixed), time with family and friends, quiet evenings of knitting.

    Thanks for the reminder. And I have a few pix too, which I need to post already. At least one or two.

  8. P.S. I have a blue face, a mask and horns. Who knew?

  9. My car is in the body shop after a deer ran into it. What I miss the most is the XM “traditional” Christmas channel that plays Andy Williams, Burl Ives, etc.

  10. Didja ever see the PBS special about Andy Williams’ Christmas Specials that airs (around here) every year about this time? So fun. Except for Volare, which I was born knowing because I heard it so much in utero, Andy Williams’ “Can’t Get Used To Losing You” is the first song I can ever remember (and I loved it – still do). I’ve a soft spot for Andy – plus that was my grandpa’s name. Andys are pretty good guys, eh?