I am a cloud

You Are a Cumulus Cloud

You are a joyful and easy going person. You have a lot of enthusiasm for live and living well.
Your motto may as well be, “No things in moderation.” You are content to enjoy all the food and drink you want.

People find you very approachable and at times cuddly. You are usually have a big smile on your face.
You are truly blissful and content. Nothing is going to bring you down. It’s like you’re walking in the clouds!

How could I resist this little quiz? I wonder if I'm really cuddly? I don't feel very. But I could be wrong! :)

I am immersed in a reorganization project for my kitchen since I saw one of those HGTV shows that gave me the bright idea. Brilliant, really.

To use shelving to substitute for the lack of closets/cabinets and shelves. WHY couldn't I have thought of that? Previously we had a table in the corner that I used as a closet. Things cluttering it all the time. I couldn't fix that problem no matter how much I tried! But why fight the fact that we have no storage? Why try to deny it? Now we are making it work for us!

New and improved kitchen

Too bad I did not take a before photo. You will just have to take my word on how bad it was. I was truly afraid that with photo evidence,  I may be qualified as a contestant on the show HOARDERS. Shudder.

Today is SuperBowl Sunday and I have a date with my couch. My dear friends are having people over including most of my family but I can't bring myself to go. I have a huge need to plant myself on the couch, quietly watching the game and even going to bed early. If I am to face the coming week, I have to do what I have to do.



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7 responses to “I am a cloud

  1. Not at all surprised you decided to take this meme, Sandy!

  2. Wonderful idea. Since we re-arranged furniture and there is no longer a table in the kitchen and we have a dining room, I can totally do that for all of the large appliances. Thank you!

  3. The new shelving looks faboo, go you!

  4. You and that norma, all about decorating this weekend!

  5. I have that mixer in cobalt blue. I had to have it. It’s been 20 years and I don’t think I’ve used it 20 times. But I had to have it. It’s kitchen art.

  6. I need a kitchen makeover, too. (Kitchen do over?)
    Must think on this…
    Your new system looks great!

  7. We have exactly the same shelves in our apt kitchen, for lack of space and too much stuff, they hold the microwave, the Kitchen AId mixer, the Keurig, the juicer and lots of other things!