2 hats, lots of gratitude and a blogiversary

The rain, it will not stop. Roads are closed all around the region and my personal space has been flooded. The basement floor is covered with water, which is highly undesirable in terms of home ownership and we seem to be and island surrounded by plenty of water in my formerly non watery neighborhood.
My kingdom for some sunshine! (but imagine how happy the trees and spring flowers will be)

    Not 1 hat, but 2!

I am a knitter, after all! (Surprises the best of you, right?)

What a great pattern. I loved knitting this hat. Fun to knit and comfy to wear. Although I have only stuck it on my head for a moment to make sure it was head size appropriate. It is a gift for a friend.
Pattern: M’gonigle from Twist Collective, Fall 2009

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Aran Cashmerino (my desert island yarn)

Needle size: US3

The top of the hat is fashioned not from decreases but with an ingenious folding method. Love it!

Top ‘o the hat to you!

Isn’t it great? So different and unique!

M’gonigle hat, Ravelry Page

The second hat was much harder to accurately photograph. Purple is a biotch. It is.

The beaumont tam from the talented Jared Flood (name appropriate for today’s 8 plus inches of rain that has fallen on my HOME!)
This hate was a joy to knit, the yarn divine. The finished hat turned out not so much beanie like but more like a hat. A toque, if you will. I chose to steam block the hat which did wonders for straightening out the wonkiness in the pattern but also had an unwelcomed side effect of stretching out the ribbing uncontrollably. It was unwearable as such. I fretted. My solution is that I wove some elastic thread through the ribbing to pull it in. I was dubious but hopeful. It worked like a charm. Hat is now gifted and hopefully loved and worn.

See the difference in color? Purple, my photo nemesis.

Pattern: Beaumont Tam from the Classic Elite Made in Brooklyn                            Booklet by  Jared Flood

Yarn: Classic Elite Fresco (Could be tied for my desert island yarn!)

Needle size: US4 and 7

My Beaumont Tam Ravelry Page


A huge thank you for all of your support. The news of my Dad’s lung cancer is devastating for so many reasons. He is currently going for a biopsy on Wednesday to pinpoint the exact type of cancer.
Just the word, “cancer” is heinous, is it not?

As near as I can figure it, sometime in February was my 7 year blogiversary. Huh. Go figure. For 7 years I have lived in the space with you as my friend, my support, my co-conspirator in life. I have loved every minute.

I hope you will continue along with me in this journey of ours.
Yet again, thank you for being a friend.



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9 responses to “2 hats, lots of gratitude and a blogiversary

  1. No, no. Thank YOU! And I’m not just saying that because I’m Canadian.

  2. madforknit

    Beautiful knits! And a very happy blogiversary!!

  3. We’d love to see more of you again, Ms. Sandy. Thanks for being here!

  4. Jean E.

    Great hats! Just downloaded M’Gonigle.

  5. Seven years! It’s because of you I blog (wonderful) and knit lace patterns (ironic 😉

    Looking forward to years more,

  6. I’m not sure what happened to this week… I did not think I was that busy. But here is this post dated 15 March and today is the 19th. Where have I been for four days? Seems like I lost them.

    Anyhoo, dear old friendski, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, a bit late. We should celebrate. By perhaps taking a ROAD TRIP this summer. Heh.

  7. Well I’m way late on catching up with blogs this week. Happy Blogiversary! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.

    Gorgeous hats too!

  8. Love the hats! Happy Blogiversary.

  9. Sandy, you rock. Your description of the things you finally recognized in your father that are part of your own personality really hit home. I was lucky enough to have a dad who did not repeat his own dad’s alcoholism, but he and I clashed on a great many levels, and it’s only as an adult that I’ve figured out how to love him as he is.

    The word “cancer” is, indeed, seriously heinous. I’m sorry, lovey.

    I’m glad you’re here.