Busy meets the blog

Wow. March 15th was the last time I blogged. Imagine that. That has to be a record in my 7 years of the blog experience. There’s all the usual excuses. You don’t need to hear them. Blah blah, life’s busy, life is messy, life is…well. Full of stuff.

If I’m to catch you up to what’s happening in my world, I have to start with my Dad. He passed away on Father’s Day. Ironic, that. This cancer business is some kind of horrible shit. Watching him fail and suffer is one of the hardest things I have ever endured in my life so far. I hope to never see such a thing again. I know that it is unlikely, though. Having him die left me filled with so many emotions from the obvious to the not so. One of the things that make me saddest is that it is the end of what COULD have been. And despite it all, he was my father and I cannot believe I will never see him again. That is the thought that will make me cry suddenly in unexpected places. I will never see him again. Ever. That seems so final and harsh.

But other than that, life if filled with good things. And that seems a bit ironic too, doesn’t it? That something so horrible can go on in your life but you wake up and the sun is shining and the birds are singing and people are buying their lattes and working and playing. Living. We all have a lot of living to do. It’s serious business and we can’t miss out on a minute of it.

I am looking forward to a trip to Nova Scotia with Norma to visit with Paula. I am like a little kid getting ready for camp, I am THAT excited. There was a bit of anxiety about the passport being here on time but all is good in that department. I have perhaps the ugliest passport picture in the universe. But then again, I am somehow not a very photogenic person. I guess I am just one of those that you have to meet in person to love! 🙂

There’s more, there’s lots more of course, but that is a bit of a start. One has to dip the toes into the blog waters before diving straight in, don’t you think?

I’ve missed you all, that’s for sure! (Thanks to Suzanne  and Barb M for the inquiries! The warm feeling still persists from that!) If you are on facebook, please be sure to find me there (Sandy LeBlanc Hurley) I do tend to update that a bit more than this lately.

Do tell me what you’ve been up to. Anything new?



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18 responses to “Busy meets the blog

  1. Sandy! So good to hear from you! Though, I’m very sorry to hear about your Dad. But, you? Glad to hear from you. I’ve missed your blog posts.

  2. Terri

    Sandi, very sorry to hear about your father.

  3. So good to see you blogging again! Can’t wait to see you in two weeks. Only 14 sleeps!

  4. I’m glad you’re back Sandy! Yes, that cancer thing is the ugliest ugly, but you’re so right that we have living to do, and we have to keep at it. Your excitement about your trip is contagious — I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  5. There are hundreds and thousands of people who have The Worst Passport Photo Ever, including Yours Truly. How will we ever choose? I think this could be the beginning of a TV reality show.

    But at LEAST YOU GOT IT, and I won’t be GOING ALONE. Haha. Spoke to the guy at the airline. Turns out if we’d driven to Auburn, we’d have to turn around and GO BACK TO PORTLAND JETPORT.

    OMG, this trip is already full of laughs and we haven’t even started! Can’t wait!

  6. So many of us have been thinking about you, Miss Sandy! The trip sounds like a riot! You deserve to have a lovely break to do something very fun and out of the ordinary. XOXO

  7. I’m sorry to hear about your dad, lady. Seems quite the odd coincidence but one of my chicago friend’s dads also died of cancer also on father’s day. 😦

    I hope you are hanging in OK, remembering the good times and celebrating his life!!

  8. Hugs, Sandy. Big huge hugs. I lost my mom a year ago to cancer – no one should have to go through that kind of horror.
    Have a good time with Norma. Try not to get into *too* much trouble…

  9. Kim

    Oh Sandy, I’m so sorry about your father. My thoughts are with you. Let’s hear it for friends like Norma and going on fun trips where passports are needed!!! xoxoxo

  10. Sandy, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you can find time to check in from time to time. I’ve missed “seeing” you here.

    Please tell me there’s a bail fund for this trip. o.O


  11. Barbara M.

    Woohoo! Sandy’s back! I haven’t even read your post yet, just was glad to see that there was one! Now, I’ll go read. But first, I have missed you, my blog friend!

    Barbara M.

  12. Barbara M.

    Okay, now I’ve read it and can leave an informed comment. Nova Scotia! Wow! PEI is my favorite place in the whole world, and NS is pretty darn close! We camped up there every year when I was a kid ( 5 kids, no money = camping.) Have a wonderful time there.

    I spent the last few months selling a house in NJ and moving to our retirement house in NH. Then my husband decided not to actually retire, but to work from home, so we are making some serious adjustment in our 42 year old marriage. (You’ve heard the old joke, “I married him for better or worse, but not for lunch!) I love NH and I’m so glad we made the move, but a lot of details are still being worked out and the “Yarn Room” is still being unpacked and organized. Maybe this week the loom will get warped…finally.

    Welcome back, Sandy.

    Barbara M.

  13. sue

    So sorry to hear about your father, but it’s really nice to have you back!

  14. Susanne

    Yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you’re back!!!! I am so sorry about your Dad. My experience is that the hole gets smaller and soon nice thoughts come where the hole used to be.

    Hope you are able to keep us caught up on how your summer is going! Doing any knitting???

  15. Nice to see you again Sandy! I too buried a parent with cancer in the last year, not fun. Here’s a hug and to sudden realizations that hit like a punch in the stomach. Have a great trip with Norma…can’t wait for the stories.

  16. How did I miss this about Nova Scotia? That is SO COOL! And with Norma!! Ooooh, you’ll have fun. XO!

  17. Glad to see you posting again. My sympathy about your father’s passing.

  18. Wondering what you’ve been up to. Life. That about sums it up.