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The one where Derek and Elise get married


Derek and Elise got married and I had this feeling that a few facebook posts were just not enough. This is an OCCASION. What better reason than a wedding to dust off the old blog and find my voice again?

Although a Mother cannot, by nature be totally unpredjudiced about their son’s wedding, I will state now…>This was one of the most wonderful weddings to which I have been witness. I know. I would say that no matter what, right? But honestly, their wedding was the most personal, moving, special. The main reason for the fuzzy feelings is that they had our dear and oldest friend, Mark officiate the wedding. He is not a minister or a JP. He was able to apply to the State of Massachusetts for a one day license to perform the ceremony. He has known Derek (and we have known him) since Derek was 4. Our children met in Nursery School and legend has it that Derek shared the blocks with Megan and family history was made. We are all like family now, as some friends are apt to become. Anyway, he has known Derek for 24 years. And Elise for 5 years. The things that he said, well, they would make any mother cry. He talked about Derek as a boy and as he grew into a man and how Elise just fit right into our huge extended family. He talked from his heart and that made all the difference in the world. It was the most beautiful moment. I treasure that memory.

And then there was when Derek first saw Elise walking down the aisle. His eyes filled with tears as he first set eyes on his bride. My eyes filled, Andy’s eyes filled and probably most of the guests eyes as well. It was quite touching. That moment right there transports me back to our wedding and those feelings of new love which makes you tear up more because now it’s been almost 3o years and perhaps all the shiny newness has worn off of our marriage, but we now know about love that is deeper than we ever dreamed possible as fresh faced kids standing in that same moment.

And the venue was just a magical fairy tale. It was at the Danversport Yacht Club in the Lighthouse room which is a small room that has 3 walls of windows looking over the beautiful harbor. There were 2 people that were assigned to us, Mike and a woman with a name that I cannot remember who were the most knowledgeable of all things wedding. They were our wedding planners. They knew the answer of the question before you knew you were going to ask it. The food was divine. Delicious and presented in such a way that made you feel special. Edible orchids are a beautiful touch to a beautiful plate of food. As a small bonus to me, they served copious amounts of lemon water in pitchers on the tables. Which is my favorite drink as of late so I was grateful to have something to drink that was non alcoholic.

The decorations, which were all Elise’s dream of having an Autumn New England wedding. The pumpkins and acorns and leaves and candlelight were all represented in a beautiful fall way creating an inviting ambiance.

And Elise. How she is part of the family. Not a daughter in law, but a daughter. We have loved her from the minute we met her and that love grows deeper. She holds my son’s heart. And therefore, she holds mine.

And perhaps the size of the wedding had something to do with it’s awesomeness. There were approximately 70 guests. A perfect size. Not large and overwhelming and small enough to be able to spend time with all of your favorite people, which is why you invited them in the first place.

And to have stood there, living the moment that as a mother one dreams of from time to time is awe inspiring. Often reality does not match what we can dream up in our heads but this wedding was an exception. It was all I had every hoped for Derek and more.It’s not all about the lovely setting or the delicious cake or the divine wedding dress. It was about the love in that room that night. To have so many people say such lovely, loving things about your son and his new wife and about your family really imprints the heart. The Best man and Maid of Honor speeches will echo in my heart for a long Long while. Derek and Elise have beautiful friends. Their hearts all full of love for each other. And how can I not be grateful for that?

When my kids were babies, I used to pray that they were kept safe and that they would be happy in their life. And I prayed that their future spouses were living happy, safe lives right at that moment. I think that my prayers were answered. I hope the same for Bethany.

So, how about that? All that and a blog post too! Honestly, I almost forgot how to log on. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll leave the light on.

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October 18, 2013 · 8:28 am