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2 hats, lots of gratitude and a blogiversary

The rain, it will not stop. Roads are closed all around the region and my personal space has been flooded. The basement floor is covered with water, which is highly undesirable in terms of home ownership and we seem to be and island surrounded by plenty of water in my formerly non watery neighborhood.
My kingdom for some sunshine! (but imagine how happy the trees and spring flowers will be)

    Not 1 hat, but 2!

I am a knitter, after all! (Surprises the best of you, right?)

What a great pattern. I loved knitting this hat. Fun to knit and comfy to wear. Although I have only stuck it on my head for a moment to make sure it was head size appropriate. It is a gift for a friend.
Pattern: M’gonigle from Twist Collective, Fall 2009

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Aran Cashmerino (my desert island yarn)

Needle size: US3

The top of the hat is fashioned not from decreases but with an ingenious folding method. Love it!

Top ‘o the hat to you!

Isn’t it great? So different and unique!

M’gonigle hat, Ravelry Page

The second hat was much harder to accurately photograph. Purple is a biotch. It is.

The beaumont tam from the talented Jared Flood (name appropriate for today’s 8 plus inches of rain that has fallen on my HOME!)
This hate was a joy to knit, the yarn divine. The finished hat turned out not so much beanie like but more like a hat. A toque, if you will. I chose to steam block the hat which did wonders for straightening out the wonkiness in the pattern but also had an unwelcomed side effect of stretching out the ribbing uncontrollably. It was unwearable as such. I fretted. My solution is that I wove some elastic thread through the ribbing to pull it in. I was dubious but hopeful. It worked like a charm. Hat is now gifted and hopefully loved and worn.

See the difference in color? Purple, my photo nemesis.

Pattern: Beaumont Tam from the Classic Elite Made in Brooklyn                            Booklet by  Jared Flood

Yarn: Classic Elite Fresco (Could be tied for my desert island yarn!)

Needle size: US4 and 7

My Beaumont Tam Ravelry Page


A huge thank you for all of your support. The news of my Dad’s lung cancer is devastating for so many reasons. He is currently going for a biopsy on Wednesday to pinpoint the exact type of cancer.
Just the word, “cancer” is heinous, is it not?

As near as I can figure it, sometime in February was my 7 year blogiversary. Huh. Go figure. For 7 years I have lived in the space with you as my friend, my support, my co-conspirator in life. I have loved every minute.

I hope you will continue along with me in this journey of ours.
Yet again, thank you for being a friend.



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Crazy like a fox

Thought I’d trot on in here before January is gone. Time is sure slippery like a fox sometimes. Unbelievable how those calendar pages  turns so fast when you are not looking!

Foxy Knitting:

I finished some Christmas knitting. On time. Well, not on time for December 25th but in plenty of time for our gift giving celebration and that is good enough for me!

Feeling the (g)love

The moose gloves are a bit funky here and there. They are not perfect by a long shot but they were knit with love and received with just as much love. That makes it a successful project to me.

Also knit was a Hat. Not just any hat, a Relm Hat. I love that pattern with a burning passion. I don’t have to tell you that a certain Jared Flood is genius with decreases. Absolute genius. You can tell him I said so too.

However? This hat, as lovely as it is, does not photograph well. Believe me when I say that I tried. This photo does it a huge disservice. So misrepresented that it may rise up and start a solidarity march, it’s that bad.

I know you can feel the love for this hat too. Scrinch your eyes up a bit and look at it sideways. I'm sure you see the inner beauty of it now, right?

It may be a suspect photo but that hat is wonderful and looks divine on the recipient. Unfortunately, the yarn grew quite a bit in the washing. Had I known, I would have only spritzed it. Live and learn. I will knit this hat again in a solid yarn to do the pattern justice.

Pattern: Relm

Yarn: Magallanes by Araucania colorway 309 which I have affectionately dubbed Autumn burst.


I’ve started another hat but I’ll show you that another day.

Foxy Sky

Foxy Admission:

You’ve seen the clues all over this post. But I think if I gave you a million years, you wouldn’t guess what Andy and I are up to.

We are taking Foxtrot lessons. I can’t tell you how enjoyable it is. With any luck, with 5 easy lessons, I’ll be gliding across the dance floor in a graceful fashion. I’ll never quite be up to the Dancing With The Stars ability but I will be able to foxtrot with the best of the grannies out there.
One can hope.


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Sharing the (g)love

Christmas knitting

Moose (g)love

Really, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news or anything, but Christmas is just 50 days away. 50 days is not much knitting time.  Especially when you have an orange cat trying to eat your yarn and you have to knit at work or in secret. But this orange cat has a sixth sense about yarn. He can sense it near.

I have a couple of other Christmas knitting projects planned but they are totally doable. One is a wonderful beret (Jared Flood’s Relm pattern. LOVE it) and perhaps a manly scarf.  I only knit for the people that will be good receivers. You know the type we avoid like the plague, the ones that do not understand how personal it is. How it’s an extension of ourselves, how it is NOT a cheap gift at all. I have more giftees that I will never knit for, ever. Not even if hell freezes over and they need a pair of mittens. I won’t. They will have to buy their mittens in bulk at Walmart or something, I won’t budge .
I won’t.

the flash makes my eyes look weird

Mitchell sits on the computer

Mitch says “she’s not telling stories about me, AGAIN, is she?? Who are you going to believe????”


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My proverbial hat is in my hand..

HOW? Have I gone so long without you?? 🙂

First up? Some business…

Mad for Knit Carol is running a half marathon for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Now let me tell you something about Carol. Last year she put my father in law’s name on her jersey as she ran the marathon, in recognition of his battle with common bile duct cancer. I cannot tell you how, to this day, I am deeply touched by that gesture. I don’t believe anyone has done anything more meaningful for me.
She is running again and once again I am here begging for some donations on her behalf. Once again, I remind you that SHE is doing the running, not I or you. That’s the great thing. WE can fork over 10 bucks (or 20 or 40) and still sit all cozy on our computer chair while poor Carol is schleeping her butt all over the Boston area in preparation for a 13 mile run. We are getting the better end of this stick, my friend.
I am hoping you can donate. Please do it in the memory of my sweet, grumpy old father in law. Or of your wonderful neighbor. Or maybe an old teacher, or an aunt, mother, father, sister, brother or child. Cancer is insidious. It touches us all, whether or not we want to be touched.

And there are prizes to boot  (see her September 1st entry)

Please let me know if you have donated to her and I will hold a drawing for a prize myself. I cannot let generosity go unrewarded. Or at least a chance to be rewarded.

I promise the prize will not be a small cat. Or a basket of laundry. It will be something knitterly.


And speaking of knitting…

Moose glove

Moose glove

palm side of moose glove

palm side of moose glove

I am finally on the thumb of the moose glove. These are to be a Christmas gift for one of my best friends. (I hope she likes them!) Gloves are a messy sort. They are not as neat and tidy as mitten knitting. These are a bit wonky and whiny. I am hoping that a good blocking fixes it’s ills. Fingers crossed.
It’s hard to squeeze in knitting time lately as a certain orange cat seems to think that my lap is his lap and that any and all knitting paraphernalia are fair for a good cat game.  His favorite yarn game is “I bite this yarn until it is broken!”  Woo!


"is she telling stories about me again? Who do you believe? Me, with my cuddly cute face or her, the almost non existent blogger?"

All my love and good thoughts go to Margene for her surgery tomorrow. She has a big enough heart, now it needs a bit of tweaking.


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Moose and lily on a vacation

Did you think I had forgotten you? I did not. Ever. Don’t ever think that!

The start of my 2 week vacation (staycation like usual) has brought the humid weather along with it. I’d like to say a polite “no  thank you” to that, if you don’t mind, Mother Nature. This cold and rainy spring/summer has taught me one important lesson about myself: I could indeed move to Seattle/Vancouver and be happy in the rain. Of course, all of my friends and relatives will be moving with me, you know who you are. There will be quite a coast shift going on if this happens!

I started my Christmas knitting which amazes me as much as you.

I'm in the mood for glove....Let the glove puns commence.

I'm in the mood for glove....Let the glove puns commence.

Annemor #7 from Selbuvotter:  Biography of a Knitting Tradition in various alpaca yarns, my go to mitten/glove yarn. The antlers need a bit of blocking attention, they seem a bit POOFY to me but overall I am happy with them. So far. But that pinky? Cripes all mighty. The pattern lacks certain instructions that make sense in that department. I am not happy with the pinky and will be ripping it out and starting over. Only the pinky, don’t get nervous. The biggest problem is that the chart does not match the stitches that she says to put on the needles. So, I dealt with it, chose another finger pattern and carried on. But the pinky is a bit small, fitting me perfectly. While I have non small everything else, I do have small ish hands and if they fit me they will be too small for my friend.

I never thought I would knit a moose in my life but yet, here we go. And I’m loving every minute of it.

There will be many a vacation moment spent on my porch with moose. That is my vacation goal, one I think I can meet.

And there are flowers:

Lilies to be exact. I am in love with a lily. I never really cared for them before but this one has me enchanted. My Mom gave me the bulb a couple of years ago and it’s not put on much of a show. Until this year. It must love the extreme watering it got!

Mystery lily. I wish I could remember the variety

Mystery lily. I wish I could remember the variety



What’s new with you while I was blog incapacitated?


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Not dead

I have always wanted to grow my own vegetables. To me, there is nothing in the world like fresh veggies. But new this year? I have accepted the fact that:
1. I don’t like to grow vegetables
2. I don’t have the room to grow veg
3. I don’t have the sun to grow them properly.
So I’ve decided to throw myself into growing the flowering plants that I love so much. Lilacs, peonies, iris, tulips, hydrangeas and more hydrangeas! That’s what I am about this year! I am embracing the flower lover within.
But I will be purchasing plenty of fresh veggies from my favorite local farmstand, don’t worry. There might even be a bit of veg begging from my favorite organic gardener, we’ll see.

I love this time of year

I love this time of year

In other news:

I hope you are sitting down. I am knitting a sock. I have been sick as of late, a horrible cold and I’m not saying that is the reason but…it has been a while.

knitting a sock. Not such an uncommon event. Unless you are ME.

knitting a sock. Not such an uncommon event. Unless you are ME.

Actual sock knitting:

Yarn: Sundara Autumn seasons, colorway Roasted Persimmon over green papaya.

Pattern: the wonderful Jane’s Hedgerow pattern. (That is a ravelry link. If you are not a member, I’ll send you another link. Just ask)


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What I am knitting, warming certain anatomy parts and a poem. (And? For the life of me, I cannot get the font to change back for the first stanza of the poem. WordPress just about kills me some days!)

Can we imagine, for a minute that it is April 1st today? Please. Just go with it, okay.

Today’s entry, April 1st.

So many guesses for the knitting! One of you got it right! Jo, formerly of Boston, currently of my town (want to go to lunch this weekend, Jo?) said, and I quote:

I’m not sure, but if it’s for Andy then you’re a very lucky woman.

The innocent in me thinks she means gloves. But? I’m sure she is talking about a warmer of a certain sort. CLICK HERE FOR LINK .

This is the time when I would yell out…APRIL FOOL!!

I am not knitting a willie warmer! I do not have that *ahem* item of anatomy but I have never gotten the impression that cold is  problem for *it*.  But I may be wrong and correct me if you know better.

What am I really knitting? The Mars scarf, of course.

This is for Stacey:

snickers for StaceyBut she has to share it with the others who guessed correctly!

So, the Mars scarf. Can we talk? That scarf is…erm….the balls. (Sorry). The pictures do not do it justice. I saw it at the Twist Collective trunk show at Yarns in the Farms (with the wonderific Carol!), falling in love with it. It has a shawl collar which lies really nicely around the back of the neck and will  be super  warm with the cold New England Winds! Love. It!!

You know what else I love?

~A long weekend. Monday is Patriot’s Day, a Massachusetts holiday! 3 blissful days off from work!


The big yellow one is the sun, er, the daffodils

The big yellow one is the sun, er, the daffodils

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced, but they
Out-did the sparkling leaves in glee;
A poet could not be but gay,
In such a jocund company!
I gazed—and gazed—but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

William Wordsworth~


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