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My guest list

Carole suggested that we think about 10 people we would like to have at our table for Thanksgiving dinner, real or fictional. I stretched it a bit and added, not alive.
1. Julia Child, Though I have admired her most of my life (I was one of those kids sitting in front of her cooking show on PBS at a very young age), I am not sure I would like her. But I’d relish finding out.
2. John Denver. I think it would be great to sit around the table with him. I think we had a lot in common, the love of nature and the concern over our environment
3. Jim Henson. It would be wonderful to share a glass of wine with a genius. And perhaps Kermit the Frog.
4. My great Grandparents from Lithuania. I wish they had shared their stories of how they escaped Lithuania in the cloak of darkness, running with the clothes on their backs. They took those stories to the grave with them.
4. I think most people would put Jesus on the list and that would be good. But for MY list? Mary. To be such an important woman in a time that women were just possessions, I wonder how she dealt with it all.
5. Ina Garten. I love her simplistic and beautiful way of looking at life. I could use her influence.
6. Tyler Florence. The man is cute as a button and can cook. He seems like a fun person, caring, family oriented. I’d like him around my table.
7. Santa Clause, because I believe.
8. My mother because she never wants to come to my house, thanksgiving or otherwise
9. Jamie Lee Curtis. The more I see her and read about her, the more I like her.
10. My Father in Law, Bob. Meals around my table have not been quite the same without him around. I feel his absence especially Thanksgiving! For years he always proposed a Thanksgiving toast with his specialty: cranberry juice in a Dixie cup. (a small paper cup). We would all raise our glasses seriously, toast and drink. That is my new Thanksgiving tradition that I bring to my table this year.
Hmm. I think I’ll need to borrow a couple of chairs.



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