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Autumn’s golden light is back

This time of year is just energizing for me. Our weather is stunningly wonderful today, I hope yours is too.

On Friday, I took a picture of the tree in our yard because I was enjoying the gold color so much. I did not post it because the photo did not register the gold like my eyes did. Saturday brought a wind and rainstorm to our area and Sunday, the tree is almost bare.

Linda Leafless

On the left, the tree on Friday. Same tree on right, Sunday

What a difference a day makes. Or two. ( I came very close to naming that photo, Linda Leafless, but I thought perhaps that was too obscure.)

Life is swimming along, busy and yet not. Going for walks, cooking dinners, mountains of everylasting laundry, knitting when Mitchell isn’t looking, reading (I just finished reading the Diary of a wimpy Kid series! I love these books so much! I laughed out loud numerous times (lol, if you will) I have gotten a couple of people at work to read them. I think that although they are meant to be a young adult book, an adult will appreciate the humor more) , watching movies (I watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas today and I am still stunned about it!) (My yearly viewing of Hocus Pocus is next) And of course, working, which honestly just gets in the way of all the fun stuff.

So I ask you this:

  1. Have you seen any good movies lately?
  2. What are you reading?
  3. How is your golden light?

Pork chops are in the brine, butternut squash is ready to be roasted, apples are ready to be…sauced and dinner is served at 6. 🙂


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