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One thing led to another: Or, I have holes in my head! OR: Paula’s gonna laugh!!

It’s my birthday, did you know that?

No. It’s really not but Norma gave me my birthday gift when I saw her at the NH Sheep and Wool. (Birthday is in August, in case you are like me and now have the burning desire to know). Of course, as a gift recipient, one can only hope that she has “Forgotten” this birthday gift by then. But maybe that is just me.

Anyhoo. This is what she gave me:

Clouds. For my ears!

Clouds. For my ears!

“Silver Lining” earrings! That she bought in Utah! You could have blown me over with a feather! I love them! For those of you who are long time readers, you MUST know about my love of the sky! So, how PERFECT are these? Right?
But there’s only one thing……

I don’t have pierced ears.

Now, I have this polite gift recipient in me, ingrained and imbedded and I could not bring myself to say anything to Dear Norma.  I tried, but I could not spit out the words. And I knew the “Polite” thing (especially when you LOVE a gift so) would be to PUT THEM ON.
Alas. Not a hole to be had.

Paula even suggested that I put them on. “I WILL”, I told her!

And I will.

My ears, they are pierced!After mulling it over, I told Norma. I think she hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time. And then I remedied the situation.

Pierced Ears and I have quite a rich history. This is not the first time, no no.

The first time was with my friend, Debbie Danisienka. We were 12 years old. Her older sister pierced our ears with a needle and an ice cube. I still remember the pain. Ice. It did nothing.

My mother went on an earring buying binge for me and I wore all kinds of 12 year old things. You know, telephones and flowers and doggies. Cute.

Then I kind of stopped wearing earrings. You know what happens then, right? They close up. No more pierced ears. After all that I did to get them.

Life went on, though. Even happily.

Until I was 21 years old, had just gotten engaged to my wonderful now husband and I went to get a haircut. (none of those things have to do with each other, they just WERE) I inadvertently got a SHORT haircut. Reminicent of my grade school days when my mother butchered my hair to be like Twiggy Hair. (note to you: I DO not look good in Twiggy Hair. I would even go out on a limb and say that NO one looked good in Twiggy Hair). So my ears stuck out. And needed….SOMETHING. (You DO remember my feelings about my ears, don’t you? You can reread it here if you want)

So, I got them pierced at the mall. I had a wedding coming up and this was a good thing.

Until about 3 months later. For some reason (which I have now pinpointed to a sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide which I used PROFUSELY so that my ears would not get infected. Irony at it’s best) and I waited too long, thinking I was curing it with (you guessed it) MORE hydrogen peroxide. The doctor had to CUT that earring out.

It’s not a great memory.

So far? All pierced ear stories have the same theme, right? Pain. And lots of it.

There is one more though. About 10 or so years later, I was convinced that I still had HOLES. Which I maybe did. But not, you know? And I decided  while dressing up for some fancy shindig that I needed earrings and I PUSHED the earrings through the “holes”.

Ouch. Once again. You would think I would have known better. But there you go. One is not always wise when it comes to jewelry.

I have lived earringless for many a year.

But sometimes, a little silver lining comes into your life and leads you on a quest that you did not know you would be on.

Last weekend found me at the mall once again, getting my ears pierced. I prepared myself for the pain. I remember it as so painful.

When she shot the earring through the lobe, it felt burning hot. But not particularly painful on the scale that women use subconsciously for the rest of their lives, the CHILDBIRTH Scale. As in: sure it hurts a bit but it is not like having  a baby.  On a scale of 1 to Baby, it was about a 1 ½. Over as quickly as it started and I was on my way with the ear cleaner, which I promptly threw away. No Hydrogen peroxide injuries for me this time, thank you very much. I am using good old fashioned isopropyl alcohol. I can feel the burn when I apply it correctly and I know I will not have a seething mess in a couple of weeks.

In 4-6 weeks, I’ll be wearing those silver linings. And the other 2 pair I just bought. It is fun shopping for something I had not thought about in so long, trying to figure out my grown up earring style.

In a way, I guess it really IS my birthday.

Gifts are good.

Thanks, Norma!


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