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Give til it hurts. But it hurts so good

Financially, things have changed for us all. Life is a bit more unsure. A bit more uncertain with dwindling retirement accounts. Hopefully, we have enough to pay the bills and live comfortably. Hopefully, we have jobs to go to on a daily basis.

If you do have a job that pays the bills. If you do have enough food on your table, won’t you consider giving a bit to Claudia and her MS ride? It’s tomorrow. Maybe you’ve given? Sure. That is great. But? Perhaps you can spare a couple more dollars? We don’t all have to give a thousand dollars. But 5 would be great. Or even $1.

The good thing is? WE don’t have to ride 75 miles on a bike. All we have to do is give a bit of money and Claudia and her wonderful husband WILL do the ride. Thank god, honestly. I don’t want to hoof my butt unsafely around town on a bike I tell ya. But? I am grateful that Claudia and hub want to.

And? It seems like there are so many prizes that there are enough to go around. (I’m exaggerating of course) One for every donation, is how it seems. I’ve never seenĀ  a prize list like hers! People are generous, that’s for sure.

Help Stamp Out MS. Ride a bike 75 miles. Or open a wallet. Your choice.


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