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♥ on my toes

SLIPPERS!About 2 or 3 years ago (and whenever I say that it most likely means 4 or 5 years ago) my sister in law, Cheryl knit and felted a pair of slippers for me. I have worn them literally every day since, wearing holes in the bottoms. Even holey, I wore them every day. They still kept my toes warm after all.

She kindly knit me more as seen above, pre felting. Yes, I could have knit myself some I suppose. But it is way more fun to have someone else knit you something beloved every now and then, right?

And now?

warm toes, warm heart

warm toes, warm heart

I love them. Love. Lovelovelove. (if you look closely, you can see little white dots on the slippers. Months ago, one of those squishy type of pillows with the baskillion of white beads inside burst in the washer. I cleaned out the machine, washed and washed again and thought that finally all of the beads were gone. Until I felted the slippers. They are baaaack. Damned things will haunt me until the day the washer dies.) (doesn’t make the slippers any less loved, it just is what it is)

Thank you, Cheryl! (pink sweater in the previous post group picture!) ♥ ♥


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