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Will You Be There

We are off for our annual 4th of July trek to the lake for the weekend. This is the most highly anticipated weekend of the year for each of us, the only time that the young people will drop what they are doing and come along willingly. Believe me, I  understand that at 21 and 22, perhaps they have better things than hanging out with their mommy and daddy. However, it thrills me more when they are willing to keep a family tradition alive.

I’d like to say that my sore heel and I will be basking in the sun and doing some swimming but the weather around here is not the basking kind. But there will be a good amount of reading, knitting, talking, laughing and perhaps a bit of wine drinking, but you did not hear it from me!

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do. Even if it’s not a holiday weekend for you, it is still July 4. And 5th. And a weekend is a celebration of it’s own.


~blue sky and green trees reflected in the water

~Having time to connect with our friends

~Spending time with the “kids” and learning what they are all about this year

~pulling out some knitting without feeling guilty about what should be getting done

~The men cook and clean, taking their turns as is right

~campfires and a s’more or two

~loon, red squirrels, various woodpeckers, hummingbirds

~my toes in the sand

~swimming in the lake (did you know that I am the champion at treading water? It’s true, as proven time and time again. I could tread water until the cows come home, literally. And they don’t seem to be ready to come home) (Don’t you just LOVE the little factoids that you learn about a person??)

~a side trip to Patternworks when people are not looking (it’s about 50 minutes away. How can I resist??)

See ya! (Please don’t encourage Mitch and Myron to be naughty. They will most likely figure it out themselves!) (It’s the first time they will be left alone. Giving ME separation

anxiety. Go figure)


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