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Doing my part to save the economy and a tv addiction

Yesterday, I heard words that I never really thought I’d hear until my (terrible , horrible, very bad) stove died it’s last painful death with no hopes of resuscitation. Andy all of a sudden said to me “let’s go buy a new stove”. Huh? You talking to me? Me in my pajamas, vacuuming, laundrying and various other Saturday fun times in process.

A person can shower and get ready very fast when they want to, I’m going to tell you. The mood may have passed and we canNOT have that.

I had a couple of conditions. It MUST have a radiant ceramic cook top, a 5th warming burner as a bonus and a huge oven. Thank you, Kenmore.

On May 4th my new stove will be delivered. I wonder what meal I should christen it with . (And? As a bonus? If I bake anything in the next week that spills over, I will leave it! )

Just doing our part for our world economy. It had nothing to do with me at all.


Mitchell has become quite addicted to television watching. I kid you not. Yesterday I had to turn the tv off so the CAT would stop watching. Srsly. How whacked is that?  Click to see a video of Mitchell watching funniest home videos, the program that we taped for him. It wasn’t the funniest of all the watchings because he has been known to jump full bore at the tv to get the cat or the anchorman’s hands or whatever catches his fancy.

This is a problem I could have never anticipated.  Hopefully he will burn himself out on this new obsession. Right now, he has finally fallen asleep (in front of the tv, of course). He’s kind of taking after Andy now. (heh)


The weather is FINE here. We have a taste of summer. I’ve gotten to wear my new Birkenstock sandals, the trees are getting buds, tulips are blooming. Spring is welcomed here!

How’s your spring coming along? (Or your autumn if you are on the flip side.)



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