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So sweet of a list, your teeth may hurt

sunshine and clouds

november sky

(even though I rotate that picture and save it, it is still on it’s side. Turn your head to the left. There. It was like that)

Claudia challenges her readers to explain what it is that makes November so special to us. I could write a dissertation on the subject, I swear.
~The November sky
The November hating Claudia may say “Sure, but there is sky in ANY month”. And that is true. But there is something so sparkly about November sunshine, not to mention the golden sunshine that I speak so highly of.
~Add crisp, cool air to the pretty sky and it is a dynamic duo.
~The colorful leaves turning crunchy. There is nothing better than walking down the street, dragging my feet in the leaves. The sound, the feel. Those darned leaves make me happy.
~The anticipation of the Christmas season, which for me is sometimes better than the actual season. I have not yet started to make myself crazy with lists and plans and worries of budgets that won’t stretch far enough.
~This is also the reason I enjoy the early Christmas music. This is my time to enjoy it, free from the holiday stress.
~Thanksgiving and all of it’s cooking. I start looking through the cookbooks and buying up magazines sporting browned roasted turkey on the cover like they are going out of style, which they never do. Every year there is a new crop of roasted turkey covers making me throw them in my grocery cart. Planning of the meal is almost as important to me as the sharing.
~Taking a day off from work Thanksgiving week to bake pies. Pie Day. Should be a national holiday in my opinion. If you don’t fancy baking pies, then go EAT a pie. Should be mandatory. Not as many angry people around if they eat pie.
~Wearing of the wool. Taking out the wool sweaters, donning mittens and wrapping a scarf around my neck is a wonderful thing. The smell of the wool, the feel, the touch the warmth. Wool is November’s friend.
~winter squash. I never met a squash I did not like. Butternut, acorn, delicata, buttercup, spaghetti squash: roasted, boiled, steamed, sauteed. I love it. It loves me. Squash is a wonderful thing. November is Squash month.
~the desire to cook a bit more after the grilling of the summer. I love the smells of the oven foods.
~Soup. Any kind. Packed with veggies. Or with chicken or maybe noodles. Or fish. Potatoes. All soup. All kinds. I could eat it every day.
~Woodpeckers and cardinals in the tree. They are so beautiful any time of year but their red stands out this time of year
~the wind rustling the branches of the trees. Such a relaxing sound, especially when covered in a blanket.
~November to me, is contentment. Warm and snug, happy to be in my home, anxious to cook for the ones I love, snuggling with a cat, a kid or a husband, looking forward to what is coming,
Oh, that and PUMPKIN PIE~
That helps.


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