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Santa came early

I happened to have been checking in on the Philosophy show on QVC. Love my Philosophy!

Our tv was not old by MY standards. We got it about 7 or 8 years ago, the newest on the market of the time. We were on the cutting edge of tv watching. But, as in all areas of technology, not for long.

Lately, though, the television had a bad habit of emitting a high pitched noise. Constantly. I reacted to it like I imagine dog’s react to dog whistles. Not favorably. In fact, I started to hear that noise when the tv was not on. Bad sign.

We would look at the sale ads and frankly, they are all expensive. Christmas is coming, we had to buy our car from the lease, well, you know. LIFE IS EXPENSIVE!

Our wonderful kids bought us a tv. A Vizio 47 inch flat screen HD. 47 inches doesn’t aptly describe how I feel like I am in a movie theater when I watch it. We had to, of course, buy a wonderful new tv stand/cabinet.

I am the luckiest Mom in the world, huh? And? For Derek and Bethany? That is a lot of birthdays, anniversarys and Christmases taken care of.


I showered today and then put my pajamas back on. It is an unplanned JAMMIE DAY! I am loving every minute of it. Everyone is gone, doing something or other and I am here, eating hummus and cuddled on the couch, fuzzy blanket covering me while the wind howls outside. This television has, indeed, come in handy today.
Being a couch potato has never been so fun!



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