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Sprinkling my way through vacation

Here we are: the last day of July. July seems to be my least favorite month. The reason is directly related to the heat and humidity. While August can be the same, it tends to moderate a bit and feel a bit more like fall on the whole. Or maybe that is just in my mind. Either way, August kicks July’s butt, in  my humble opinion.

Margene threw down the gauntlet at the beginning of this week and challenged me to blog every day of my vacation. And I took her up on that (In my mind anyway). Um. Here it is, Friday and I’m finally posting again. Seems silly that the days go by so fast.

I’d love to say that I am knitting and reading up a storm during this vacation but I am not . I’m not being super productive with the exception of the day that I spent cleaning out my kitchen cabinets! Honestly, what a huge job. Note to self: Don’t wait so long to do clean out cabinets, for cripes sake.

We  owned WAY more sprinkles (Jimmies) than any family has a right to own. That was a fact but it has been rectified now. I will sprinkle no more. I swear to god. (Well, I can’t technically sprinkle because I now own none. Not a sprink)

And glasses. How many drinking glasses does a family need? I got rid of 2 big shopping bags of them. Weird how things accumulate.
I am hoping to do that to the rest of the house.
Geez, louise I’d better get going because vacation only lasts so long.

Zzzzzz. I'm on vacation too.

Zzzzzz. I'm on vacation too.



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