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Because he dances on the ceiling

Now that the sun has risen and set a couple of times on the grumpy post of the other day, I can chuckle at the assertions I made. It’s important for me to be able to laugh at myself sometimes.
However, once I started playing the blame game, it got kind of fun:

For the incessant phone calls from people who claim to not be telemarketers: I blame you, A T & T
For my headache, I blame you, rap music
For my teenage love of the book Twilight, I blame you, love’s baby soft
For my sore feet, I blame you, Nike
For my peeling ceiling paint, I blame you, Lionel Ritchie
For my ever expanding back end, I blame you, Mom
For my forgetfulness, I blame you Omega 3’s
For my love of fresh veggies, I blame you local farmers
For my increased love of democracy, I blame you, Iran
For my love of pies, I blame you, apples
For my love of cold weather, I blame you, penguins
For my love of the written word, I blame you 7th grade English Teacher, Ms. Moriarty
For my love of furry cats, I blame you, Fig
For paying attention to my Zen, I blame you, Margene
For my pierced ears, I blame you, Norma
For my love of good food, I blame you, Julia Child
For my insane love of a good salad, I blame you, croutons and sliced almonds
For my love of fine yarn, I blame you, SHEEP
For my pinched finger, I blame you, physics and geometry equally
For my desire for a vacation far away, I blame you, Orville Wright.
I’m sure I could go on and on. For my warped sense of humor, I blame YOU!
Who do you blame and for what??


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The cat’s behind

Dear G-Mail

Dear G-Mail,

This morning as I was happily reading my email, my cat Mitchell sat on the keyboard. I suppose he did not mean to actually sit ON the keyboard but being rather, erm, gifted in the posterior end, his “end” inadvertantly pressed some kind of magic combination of keys and turned the gmail font into an unreadable, microscopic page. It was kind of funny, in  a way when you think about it, a cat’s rumpus causing a whole page to change. It was funny until I could not figure out how to change it back. No other page was affected, just gmail. His rump is very skilled in gmail targeting, I guess.

Now, I am not complaining that Mitchell is big boned. He just is. Nothing to poke fun at. He is just pleasingly plump. Just a few pounds above the mean. Which is normally not a problem.

But if the cat’s behinds of the world all join force, think of the havoc on gmail. I cross my fingers that you have thought of this evil problem on your own. I’m sure you have run into it in testing.

Anyway, an exhaustive search led me to the cure (ctrl,+, in case you have a large posteriored cat).


gmail user with bad vision


She is NOT talking about me, is she??

She is NOT talking about me, is she??


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