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Making dough

You know how it is in the internets, how you find something interesting and you click here and you click there, soon you are far away from your original starting place and couldn’t find it again if you tried?
That’s how it was with sourdough starter. I don’t know how it happened. But it did.
I found reference to Nancy Silverton’s Breads from La Brea Bakery and an interesting 2 weeks sourdough starter method involving grapes.
I mulled it over for a couple of weeks, ordered the book, read it cover to cover and decided I was IN.
I am on Day 4 so far, keeping a bit of a flickr documentary. If you are at all interested in the process, check it out. If not, well, come over for bread in 2 weeks! 🙂
The process is fascinating me and well, frankly, the family are getting tired of hearing about it.
You’d think I did not have a life or something!


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