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Kicking it

The fear has crept into my mind. About health, future and present. My Mom has been so sick lately (she is once again in the hospital with a possible intestinal infection. I have pleaded with her to see a specialist but she will have none of it. I am quite afraid of where this will lead her….) that it has me thinking of my long term health. As you know, I’ve been nagging you to eat your fiber. (You ARE, aren’t you??) For me, it now has to go further.

I have joined along with Kim and Kathy in their Spring into Summer! a 12 week self improvement time. I will rely on the old tried and true plan.

Less. More. More. More.

eat LESS. move MORE. MORE fiber. MORE fruits and vegetables.

That is my plan. And Diet Coke? Out the door. Kicked to the curb. I can’t stand the thought of putting all of that into my body any longer.
It’s not ME, Diet Coke, it’s YOU.

But a girl sometimes has to have her bubbles. So, I’m all set to go:

Their juicy, sproingy tartness is awaiting me..

Their juicy, sproingy tartness is awaiting me..

and in the fridge?

Bubbles await me

Bubbles await me

I like to drink some bubbles every now and then, what can I say?


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