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Favorite dishes

My thoughts are all wrapped up around the Thanksgiving meal as of today. I love to plan the meal. It’s almost as fun as the eating. Maybe (truthfully) more fun. The planning goes on all week but the eating, well, you know how long THAT takes.
The dish that I look forward to the most? Is the stuffing. It’s a meat stuffing that is my family’s tradition. What I would have previously called a “french Canadian thing”. but now know to be An Acadian thing. Meat stuffing, not a stuffing at all in the traditional sense, truly a “dressing”. But we shall NEVER ever refer to it again as a dressing, capish?
My family’s version has ground beef, ground pork sauteed with onions, salt and pepper, drained and cooled. Then I break apart a stuffing bread, wet it with water and squeeze the bread into the meat until mixed well, using the whole loaf of bread. This part is wonderfully messy. Love it. Sprinkle generously with Bell’s seasoning (poultry seasoning to you non New Englanders) then add basterfuls of turkey broth until the stuffing is moist.
When I got married, I realized that the rest of the world did not eat MY meat stuffing. I was crushed. If I wanted it as part of my adult tradition, I would have to bring it to the table myself. I serve both the meat stuffing and the turkey stuffed bread stuffing on the day. Something for everyone.
I love family traditions almost as much as I love the stuffing itself.
SO, I’m curious. Tell me what dish you are looking forward to the most? What is YOUR family tradition that you carry on or that you miss dearly? (and should start yourself from now on, says me!)


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That turkey is texting me

October flew right by, didn’t it? I have to say that our Halloween was just lovely complete with an (almost) full moon, spooky wind and mild temps. You’d think that one single trick or treater could have managed to stumble down our driveway. But no. Not a one.

Dear Lazy Trick or Treaters,

Saving yourself a couple of steps cost you a king size candy bar, your choice of Reese’s peanut butter cups or Kit Kat. Don’t worry, my chocoholic family will make short work of them.

generous Halloweener

King. Size. What has become of our youth?


(read: more for us!)

And then, just like that, it’s November. Time to think about turkeys (for us USA-ers) I saw an ad for a Butterball service that texts tips and hints for the Thanksgiving dinner. I couldn’t help but sign up. Those texts make me smile every time.
Except for this one:

Practice makes perfect! Ensure ur Thanxgiving meal goes off w/out a hitch by scheduling a practice run b4 the main event.

That one is the least helpful of all. Imagine having a complete Thanksgiving meal only to do it (and all the leftovers) again in a couple of weeks? Honestly, Butterball. That’s a sneaky way to try to get us to buy 2 turkeys this season.

Historically November is also a bit famous (or infamous??) for it’s blogging challenge. Blog every day during the month of November. I took up the challenge 2 years ago. Once I started blogging, I couldn’t stop. I blogged every day for the year 2008. 2009? Not so much. So, I threw down the gauntlet to myself to blog everyday. It’s good for me. I’m not so sure if it’s good for you, but hopefully you’ll read. And comment a bit to encourage me. Or yell at me. Or something.

And a word about face rash:

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know this. On Thursday I came down with a face rash complete with red cheeks. The rash was a bit itchy but not overly so. I did not change any soaps or shampoos or detergents. I did not eat any weirdo food. I looked like I had a huge zit breakout with a red, red face. And I was TIRED! I slept yesterday for 13 hours! I think I may have had a fever because I kept waking up shivering. (It was not cold last night at all)

But today, the bumps have gone down a bit, my face isn’t as hot and red as before and I can keep my eyes open for a bit.


How’s your face?? 🙂november blogging





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