Yes, in fact, I DO love a bargain!

Well, apparently bargain hunters everywhere got a memo that I did not get. Bethany and I did a little Christmas shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop this afternoon and it was MOBBED. Mobbed like there was a giveaway of something wonderful and expensive mobbed. Mobbed like Christmas Eve at 3 pm mobbed. Mobbed like Black Friday 6 am mobbed.
It was quite a mystery as we circled the parking lot looking for any open space. We finally landed way out back, kind of a dark alley and all. We walked the 1.2 miles (exaggerated) into the store and could not believe the people everywhere. I have to hand it to the Christmas Tree Shop shoppers, though, they were always polite and orderly. Unlike the Market Basket shoppers who would run over your foot if you were stepping towards the sale ketchup and they took mystery offense. Srsly, those Market Basket shoppers are scary.
Anyway, back to TCTS. (The Christmas Tree Shop, of course) About 2 minutes into the shopping excursion, after the mile and a half park and walk, a woman stopped us to ask if we had our coupon. “Do you have your coupon?” she asked. We shrugged, looking at each other with that quizzical “what coupon” kind of look when she handed us a Friends and Family 20% off entire purchase coupon.
Holy Mother of Ebenezer Scrooge! My lucky day! The coupon sale lasted until tomorrow (You can get one here, if you want CLICK FOR COUPON) ) This kind of explained the early afternoon Monday shoppers coming out of the woodwork.

I was thrilled when we bought quite a few Christmas gifts, all for under $50, saving myself $11 in the process (thank you, mystery woman!). I am seriously trying to keep the Christmas budget reasonable this year. (If I play Norma, I won’t have a Christmas budget at all! No gifts? No budget! but that seems extreme for the 1st step, doesn’t it?) (Maybe next year!)

But keeping a reasonable gift giving budget does not not mean giving crap. I refuse to do that. So the question of the day was “would WE like it if we got that as a gift” If the answer was yes, it is in the cart with a recipient noted.

I got a good start on the list today. And I had a wonderful Cherry Limeade from Sonic to boot!



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5 responses to “Yes, in fact, I DO love a bargain!

  1. I am so not ready for the Christmas shopping. This year, I’m going to try to do as much as possible online. Then again, if I find a coupon sale like you did, I’m off to the mall!

  2. Liz

    I’m laughing because I know exactly where you were shopping! We have yet to brave the new Sonic, every time I drive by, there are long lines!

    I ❤ the Christmas Tree shop. My favorite is near my inlaws on the Cape (Orleans), the smallest parking lot though.

  3. Yeppers. No budget. I LOVE IT. However, this year I am breaking my rule, only because that fortuitous painting entered the house. So today I got three gifts — three copies of the framed painting…or one original, I should say, and two copies. Heh. THREE HUNDRED FREAKIN’ BUCKS for matting and framing.

    I’m done.

    That was quite easy.

    But it broke the no-budget rule, for sure.

    Also? Abigail is also getting a blue Palindrome scarf like Ally’s, because of course she is JEALOUS that Ally got one and she didn’t. I have no freakin’ idea when I’m going to knit it, though. Sigh.

  4. I’m jealous that you got to go to Sonic. The CTS near us is like that every weekend. It’s horrible!

  5. I have to go to Market Basket this morning and I am filled with dread. I just can’t bring myself to go to CTS. It’s a black hole of spending and the crowds are insane. Now Sonic is heavenly. I could really go for a chocolate malt…